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Reference ID: DFW174386

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Evaluate two pole fishing opportunity on "quality water" lakes statewide

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Allow the use of two poles on "quality waters" statewide.

Post implementation of the two-pole rule, WDFW is seeking to find additional waters where this rule can be applied to expand recreational opportunity. In addition: The "no two pole" icon was inadvertently left off of three selective gear rule waters in the sport fish pamphlet: Cougar, Buzzard and Little Twin. Since the inception of the two-pole rule, numerous anglers statewide have inquired about the possibility of allowing the use of two poles on "quality waters". DFW is soliciting comments from the public to determine if the two-pole rule should be placed on "quality waters". Options are: 1. No action, Leave the two-pole rule on "quality waters" the way it is; 2. Allow two-pole on all "quality Waters"; 3. Allow two-pole on a portion of "quality waters"-based on staff and public recommendations.

Lakes and ponds listed in this table are proposed as two-pole waters.

Region Lake/Pond Name County
1 Amber Spokane
1 Bayley Stevens
1 Browns Pend Oreille
1 Coffeepot Lincoln
1 Long Ferry
1 McDowell Stevens
1 Medical Spokane
1 Muskegon Pend Oreille
1 Rigley Stevens
2 Aeneas Okanogan
2 Beda Grant
2 Big Twin Okanogan
2 Black Okanogan
2 Blue (near Wannacut Lake) Okanogan
2 Blue (Sinlahekin Creek) Okanogan
2 Brookies Grant
2 Campbell Okanogan
2 Chopaka Okanogan
2 Cougar (Pasayten Wildnerness) Okanogan
2 Davis Okanogan
2 Dry Falls Grant
2 Dusty Grant
2 Ell Okanogan
2 Green Okanogan
2 Grimes Douglas
2 Hidden Okanogan
2 Homestead Grant
2 Lenice Grant
2 Lenore Grant
2 Lower green Okanogan
2 Merry Grant
2 Nunnally Grant
2 Quail Adams
2 Rat Okanogan
3 Lake Easton Kittitas
4 Lone Island
4 Mountain San Juan
4 Rattlesnake King
4 Ravensdale King
5 Fort Borst Park Lewis
6 Anderson Jefferson
6 Damon Grays Harbor
6 Kennedy Creek Thurston
6 McLane Creek Thurston
6 Mooses Pacific
6 Middle Nemah Pacific
6 Owens Pacific
6 Promised Land Grays Harbor
6 Shye Grays Harbor
6 Vance Creek #2 Grays Harbor
6 Wynoochee Reservoir Grays Harbor

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