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Reference ID: DFW616241

Original Rule Proposal     See comments

Reference ID: DFW616241
Recreational Opportunities      Submission Type: Public
Rules Category:
Puget Sound Region Freshwater
Species covered in proposed rule
 • Trout
Rule to Change:
Lake Sixteen in Skagit County. All game fish - Last Sat in April - Oct 31 - Statewide min. size/daily limit
New Rule Proposal:
For Lake Sixteen in Skagit County. All species - Selective gear rules - Internal combustion motors prohibited Trout - Year-round - Min. size 18" - Daily limit 1. Other game fish - Year-round - Statewide min. size/limit
Why the change is needed:
There are few selective fisheries lakes on the west side of the Cascades which can provide the opportunity for catching good size Trout. Changing the rule for Lake Sixteen would increase this opportunity. The change to a Year-round fishery would also increase the fishing opportunity. This change could also reduce the costs to the WDFW by reducing the need to plant large numbers of fish each year.
Names of individuals or groups with whom you have discussed this change:
Evergreen Fly-Fishing Club Olympic Fly Fishers Fidalgo Fly Fishers Fourth Corner Fly-Fishing Club NW Fly Anglers Widbey Island Fly-Fishing Club Washington FFF Informal survey of fishers on the lake
Describe their support and/or concerns:
All are very much in favor of this rule change

Date submitted: 05/25/2012

WDFW Rule Proposal Recommendation

Not Recommended for further consideration     Reference ID: DFW616241

The region supports the concept of creating quality catch and release opportunity but not at the expense of an opening day lake (opens the fourth Saturday in April).

Online Public Comments    (7 comments)

SCOTT, JESSE E  November 01, 2012
I strongly suppport this rule changes as it provides a venue for local fly clubs to assist WDFW by doing the following; -raising money to purchase larger fish. -conduct creel surveys to measure fishing sucess. -provide catch data to WDFW. -work with homeowners to maintain the lake enviroment. -maintain/add improvements to the WDFW access. Lone lake is an example of this sucessful partnering with WDFW.
MCCUTCHEN, DAVE L  November 01, 2012
The "Fish Washington Sport Fishing Rules Effective May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013" section "Westside Lakes" identifies over 300+ lakes. Within those 300+ only 14 are "catch and release" or less than 5%. Of those 14 half of those lakes are 35 acres or less. There are only 6 fly fishing only lakes (including Ebey) totaling 150 acres plus Merrill Lake at 344. We would like more year round "quality" fishing opportunities that promote conservation within our stillwater fisheries. Within the sportfishing organizations in western Washington we have resources that are able to facilitate and assist with the creation of more quality fishing opportunities. Don't just say NO! Work with us, suggest an alternative, or a compromise. Our compromise was to suggest "selective gear rules" not "fly fishing only" which would be my personal preference.
WESTOVER, NEIL W  November 02, 2012
The proposal to keep Lake 16 as an opening day lake is unfair to your most ardent consistant constituants. I have had fishing licence for many many years and enjoyed fisning Ebby Lake, Lone lake and Pass Lake. I like to fish for large trout and it has been years since I have killed a trout. I believe that we need and would frequently use a selective gear lake in Snohomish County. Those that live near by and are not currently selective gear fishers would soon surcome to the beautiful scrapy fish Lake 16 could rear.
RICHARDSON, GEORGE E  November 03, 2012
This is the wrong idea that the WDFW is taking about not changing the rules on a opening day lake. We have plenty of opening day lakes. We do not have a selective fishing lake in Snohomish or Skagit county. A very large part of the fishing community in this sate has switched from catch and keep to catch and release. And they want quality fish to fish for year around. The switch has come largely because fishing opertunity's have gone away because of the way the state is managing steel head. It's not fair to give the bass fishermen what they want and not the selective quality fisherman anything. It also has been shown that it is less money for the sate to manage and stock these type of fisheries. I would think the sate would jump on an idea to save a few dollars. dollars that could be used in other areas of fishing that need our help.
BISSET, JOHN K  November 14, 2012
Given the dirth of selective gear lakes in western Washington and the selective gear lakes in eastern washington, I believe adding 16 mile lake to the selective gear only category would be an improvement. Your reason for opposing this proposed action "at the expense of an opening day lake" doesn't seem to hold water. Other than the opening day power bait rush, I believe the selective gear lakes see greater use over the year, provide an opportunity to catch and release quality fish, and bring in as much revenue to the local communities and the department as the "opening day" lakes. Please reconsider your recommendation to not recommend the selective, year round designation for Lake 16.
PRIMC, NORM   November 19, 2012
I would like you to address this once again and change your recommendtion for Lake Sixteen. It presents and opportuity for fisherman in the North Sound region (1-hour drive) for some outstanding fishing opportunities. Thank you
TOWNSELL, JR., JOHN V  December 11, 2012
To: WDFW You requested input for changes in the rules for enhanced fishing. The suggestions in items DFW616241 and DFW809852 proposed making Lake Sixteen (Skagit County) a selective gear rules lake. The WDFW response was that the old rules should stay in effect, i.e. allow this lake to be an "opening day" lake. Washington sportsmen are losing a “fly fishing only” lake, Ebey Lake, under the proposed rule changes. Most lakes in this area are “opening day” lakes and very few have selective gear rules. The change in the rules for Lake Sixteen would provide some compensation to Washington sportsmen for the loss of Ebey Lake. Lake Sixteen is capable of growing large fish and should be managed as a “catch and release” fishery. I belong to several fishing and fly fishing clubs in this area. These clubs want this change and would work to ensure the success of Lake Sixteen which would provide a quali

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