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# 58. Quilcene trout retention

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Puget Sound Region Freshwater

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Jefferson County

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Remove the current regulation requiring catch and release and allow retention of trout from Rodgers Street to Highway 101 with a daily bag limit of 2 and a minimum length of 14 inches.

WDFW snorkel surveys in August indicate harvestable adult searun cutthroat stage in the Quilcene River ahead of the summer chum and coho return to the river. This rule would provide an important recreational harvest opportunity while still protecting sensitive species.

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Do not adopt because nearly all comment is opposed.

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Did not adopt.

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Online Public Comments  (9 comments)

DREWRY, WILLIAM   October 31, 2012
The State has done a commendable job protecting fragile Coastal Cutthroat populations in the salt water. Why propose a kill zone in an area that they spawn? This is a very counter intuative proposal. I suggest you reject this proposal.
JACOBS, JEREMY   November 02, 2012
Searun cutthroat trout should not be harvested. All searun fishing should be catch and release. One of the reasons that we have the searun cutthroat fishery that we do is the catch and release regulations in the salt water and most of the smaller freshwater tributaries. Any fish that will be caught on the Quilcene will be killed and the fishery will die. This proposal needs to be killed, not the fish.
BAMBURG, JERRY D  November 05, 2012
This would be a terrible decision. During the past year the number and size of cutthroat that have been caught in salt water from Fort Flagler down through Hood Canal have increased substantially. Opening the Quilcene River to the harvest of trout would negatively impact the quality of the salt water fishery and contribute little to the enjoyment of those who fish for cutthroat in the Quilcene. It has taken years for the salt water fishery for cutthroat to recover from the old rules and it is finally paying off. This would be a terrible move. Please do not open the Quilcene to the harvesting of cutthroat trout.
FREEMAN, DON   November 07, 2012
Any retention of wild Coastal Cutthroat Trout must be put to rest. The recovery of this species is in due wholly to the ban on retention. Do NOT pass this proposal, and stop proposing this outdated and erroneous practice permanently.
DODD, JEFF J  November 13, 2012
I am against harvest of trout in Quilcene river. The cutthroat fishing in the saltwater is to important of a recreational opportunity and the small creeks and rivers support this fishery. I grew up in this general area and have seen the near these fisheries struggle due to poor conditions and poaching. Please do not allow trout retention on this river. It should be clear that trout retention is not legal year-round. Thank you, Jeff Dodd 425-754-1418
WILLIAMS, JOE   November 13, 2012
Against the proposed change to allow kill of cutthroat in Quilicene. It has taken years to rebuild the cutthroat fishery. Catch and release is the best managment of these fine fish.
HARDCASTLE, ALAN   November 17, 2012
I am opposed to this proposed rule change and believe that all searun cutthroat trout should continue to be catch-release only as they continue to be a sensitive species that is still recovering from overfishing and environmental degregation. Please retain the current regulations on the Quilcene. Thank you. Alan Hardcastle, Olympia
ARMSTRONG, GREG   December 03, 2012
No. Searun Cutthroat Trout need more protection than allowing harvest would cause. No harvest of these fish should be allowed in any of our state's streams, rivers or salt water areas. Thank you, Greg
GEARHEARD, MICHAEL F  December 03, 2012
It is hard to believe you are seriously talking about "harvest" opportunities for searun cutthroat. If your snorkel surveys show a population of searuns in the Quilcene River, that's great! Please let them survive and thrive. Just because some of them are making it into the rivers ahead of the chum and coho, that should not be a license to kill. After all the time and effort to grow the cutthroat population and provide good recreational catch and release fishing in the marine waters, it is beyond comprehension that you would support increased "harvest" in their natal streams. Mike Gearheard

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