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# 24. Prohibit the use of internal combustion motors on two reaches of the Yakima River

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Eastern Washington and Columbia Region Freshwater

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Yakima County

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Prohibit the use of internal combustion motors on 2 reaches of the Yakima River. Reach 1 - from the Interstate 82 Bridge at Selah Gap to 3,500' below Roza Dam. Reach 2-from 3,500' below Roza Dam to Roza Dam.

Reach 1-The Yakima River below the Naches River confluence is a relatively large river and fishermen enjoyed fishing for trout and other gamefish from boats with internal combustion motors(ICM)until DFW adopted selective gear rules (SGR)in this reach (May 1,2009). The SGR at that time included the ban on fishing from boats equipped with an ICM unless explicitly allowed by special rule. No special rule allowing ICMs was adopted for this river section. In 2010, the ICM ban was de-coupled from the SGR, but the ICM ban continues to apply in this reach except during the spring chinook fishery. Use of boats with ICMs is allowed by e-reg during the salmon fishery downstream of the I-82 Bridge at Selah Gap (just upstream of the Naches R. confluence). This rule change makes the use of ICM boats permanent during the gamefish season. Fishing from ICM-equipped boats upstream of the I-82 Bridge will remain unlawful because the river is much smaller and WDFW has orderly fishery and safety concerns. Reach 2-Fishing from boats equipped with internal combustion motors (ICM) is unlawful in the river section immediately downstream. Due to an oversight, this short section was omitted from the ICM ban. Management's intent is for the ICM ban to apply up to Roza Dam. During the spring chinook salmon season, we currently prohibit fishing from boats w/ ICMs in this section by e-reg. This change makes the ban permanent and includes the three-month winter whitefish season (Dec.-Feb.).

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Online Public Comments  (4 comments)

LIDKE, TIMOTHY   October 09, 2012
Do to the areas on the river thier are no public accsess to fish from Selah gap to Rosa dam. This is all private lands. Closing the river from fishing from boats with motors closes the river from fishing. Closing the river in this area from bait fishing causes the loss of young kids the opportunity to fish and to learn river fishing, childern are not fly fisherman and this river is a resource to the young and old not just for the few.
BARNETT, CHRIS W  December 07, 2012
I live in Selah wa, This stretch of river is right out our back door. The only time you ever see boats on this piece of water is during the spring salmon season. The rest of the summer this is a great place to through the kids in the boat and go play on any afternoon because its only 5 minutes from home. Making motor restrictions year round would only turn this stretch of water to nearly inaccessible. The canyon right up the road already has the motor restrictions and is target fly fishing location for the people coming in from out of area. With the ever rising fuel prices please leave this section of water alone for us to go and enjoy this close to home.
DAVIS, LEE   January 04, 2013
I support this rule.
PARKER, PETE   January 28, 2013
There is plenty of public access to fish this stretch of river and there is no need to have motors polluting the stream disturbing the fish and generating noise.