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# 48. Require seasonal use of single point barbless hooks to protect Lake Sammamish Kokanee

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Puget Sound Region Freshwater

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King County

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Daily bag limit of five trout remains the same but to protect kokanee, only single point barbless hooks will be allowed from January 1 through April 30.

Single point barbless hooks are to allow for the safe release of kokanee. Incidental catch of kokanee has increased during the winter. Kokanee in the lake are native and this regulation will help protect supplementation efforts that are currently underway. This regulation will also assist in the protection of native trout that are released.

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Online Public Comments  (22 comments)

BAERWALDE, MATTHEW J  October 01, 2012
I support this rule change proposal to protect kokanee and native trout as a Lake Sammamish angler and area resident.
HAMMER, MARK   October 01, 2012
I wouldn't be in favor of this rule change.
LAROCHE, D.J.   October 01, 2012
Once again, the anglers that target bass and other warm water fish are cast aside because of some bogus data. I can't believe this is even a consideration. Single barbless hooks only hurts the bass fishermen and women. I guess we can chalk this one up to another very badly mismanaged fisheries decision. We are getting oh so used to these wise decisions in this state. Enough is enough.
KELLY, TROY M  October 01, 2012
I have only one issue with the rule proposed and that is its negative impact on the winter bass fishery at lake sammamish. While an occasional trout is caught never have I or have I heard of any kokanee being caught while pursuing bass during this time of the year. Furthermore The majority of the boats at the lauch are bass fishermen in the winter and it is my belief that these people will fish elsewhere and the state will lose the launch revenue. Thanks, Troy
KLEMONSKY, RANDY D  October 01, 2012
Not for it at all!!!
O'CONNELL, SHAWN   October 01, 2012
I am not in support of this proposal, it does not appear to be based on solid science nor can I believe it would have any true benefit.
MARCANTONIO, ANDREW "MARC" P  October 01, 2012
I believe the effort to improve the Kokanee population in Lake Sammamish is worthy of implementation of gear restrictions, but I believe enforcement consistency and reduction of incidental catch mortality can be achieved without sacrifice of an important bass fishery. I am a fisheries biologist, kokanee angler, and tournament bass angler. As you certainly realize, incidental catch of kokanee by bass anglers is statistically insignificant. I regularly fish for bass on several lakes with kokanee, and have NEVER caught a single kokanee while fishing for bass. The bass fishery is extremely important and should not suffer at the expense of another fishery, especially when other enforceable solutions are available. My suggestion would be to impose the suggested gear restrictions, but only for lures of a size that kokanee are likely to strike (ex: less than 3" total length). Bass lures are larger and too imposing to be of interest to kokanee, so this modification works. Thank y
WEED, NATHAN D  October 02, 2012
Hello, I am not sure how fair this rule is on bass anglers (and don't bass anglers make up the lions share on Sammamish?). I now live on the East side of the state but still like to come West a couple times each winter to bass fish Sammamish because its too cold over here. In all the years I have been bass fishing I have never caught a kokanee, not even on Pend Orielle where the locals claim is infested by Kokanee. In fact I have never even caught a trout or Salmon while bass fishing. Is there any data showing accidental catch rate by bass fisherman? By bass fisherman using artificial bait? Perhaps the rule should restrict the use of bait during this period, a limit the fishing to spinners, hard-baits and soft plastics. I seriously think that people drowning worms, powerbait, prepared minnows, etc are the people killing fish in our waters. It is doubtful that Kokanee are being killed by anglers who will be most effected by this rule.
SMITH, RUDY E  October 02, 2012
I vote a big "NO". I feel this is self centered. I am a catch and release person and do not eat fish out of lakes.This will make it tuff for other fisherman that do not fish for the kokanee.
MAY, GLENN   October 02, 2012
What an absolutely idiotic rule! Ya, let's penalize all the other anglers in the name of the almighty salmon. My God, why do you guys hate warmwater anglers so much? Here's a thought - if you're so concerned about the salmon in Lake Samammish, then why not just ban fishing for them? There, done! Simple. Geeze, the answer is so easy you can't see it. No, instead you impose restrictions on anglers NOT fishing for them. The WDFW is so backwoods it's embarrassing.
MADEROS, MARK   October 03, 2012
I am sorry to hear that this is how the state reacts to bass anglers. Why punish the bass angler again??? 99% of bass anglers are catch and release regardless of the species that they catch. I fish Sammamish about 25 days a year, and most of that is in this time period. It is a great early lake to fish for smallmouth and largemouth bass and to require us to use a single barbless hook will significantly reduce are catching ability in an already tough time of the year to catch bass. All of this to help Kokanee???? I just don't understand the states thinking on this. If its about enforcement, then have someone out on the water enforcing the regs as is. I have fished this lake a whole bunch and never seen fish and game out there catching for license's and catches.
BAIN, KIRK   October 03, 2012
Consider a shorter period. January 1st through March 31st. Bass anglers are most likely able to "modify" existing tackle for chasing bass during this time of year. Once April rolls around, tackle changes could become a bit more difficult in the modification of tackle.
SMITH, JIM   October 04, 2012
In the 17 years I lived in Renton, I averaged fishing for bass in Lake Sammamish about 10 days per year including organized tournaments. In all of those excursions I only caught 1 (ONE) non-targeted small trout. I caught probably two dozen Perch, but never a Kokanee. Should you adapt this rule what you will do is drive the bass anglers AWAY from Lk. Sammamish. I thought one of the core missions of the Fish & Wildlife Dept. was to encourage the use of public lakes for ALL anglers and enhance the fishing experience for ALL anglers. It will not be that hard to enforce such a rule for Kokanee anglers. I had no trouble identifying them whenever I was on the lake. Bass anglers don't troll with long rods and big flashers or wedding ring arrays. DUH!
SCHAFFER, KYLE W  October 06, 2012
I am writing to show my concerns about this new rule change because I fish similar waters where I live. I don't understand why you can't target (inforce) the people who are fishing for trout and why everyone has to be lumped together. Bass fishermen rarely catch and I quote from WDFW "We realize that bass anglers infrequently catch Kokanee" so inforce the people who do. I can honestly say I have not caught a Kokanee while fishing for bass in the water I fish, but I agree it can happen but you have to also take into consideration that (most not all) bass fisherman practice catch and release and do so the best around to protect the fish to be released to fight again. I think you could inforce the people who target trout but it might mean a little more work on your part instead of taking the easy way out and lumping everyone together. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to write my concerns. Kyle W. Schaffer
JORGENSEN, DOUGLAS   October 08, 2012
I have fished for bass and perch on Lake Sammamish for over 15 years, mostly in the winter and spring. I have also tournament fished for bass on that lake, never have I hooked or caught a Kokanee during that time. I find this rule to be too restrictive and would unfairly punish the warmwater anglers. I so no to this rule change and please make decisions for the benefit of all of us.
BYRNE, MARK E  October 13, 2012
There are a few simple solutions: 1, No Indian netting on the lake. 2, Allow Bass tournaments to wavier this rule during tournaments. 3, Barbless hooks for trout fisherman only. 4, Just say No to this rule #48 change. Mark Byrne Conservation Director WA BASS
CARVER SR., RUSSELL L  November 29, 2012
Please reject rule change #48 this will have little effect on this fishery!
BORBON, RAYMOND   January 01, 2013
I am a conservationist at heart and fish this lake from a kayak 25 times a year. I just don't see any evidence that hooks are the problem with kokanee numbers as much as a loss of spawning habitat or dirty water is. Perhaps disregard marbles but go to one hook on the line if you want a more palatable option. I fish harmless circle hooks all the time but they don't seem like the solution here.
we against this proposal due to the amount of small mouth bass present & bass tournaments on this body of water and history of such for the past 30yrs. Many of bass fisherman's tackle include plugs w/multiple treble hooks, spinning blades, plastic with scent, etc. We have not seen incidental catch of Kokanee using this tackle. We have caught cutthroat sometimes, which are released if not legally open, and during tournaments the only fish allowed and targeted on the permit application. Otherwise all other fish have to be released. Thanks for the dedication to our fish & wildlife resources. Sincerely, Bob Harriman, legis liaison Borderline Bassin Contenders
FRIEND, STEPHEN   January 28, 2013
I disagree with this proposal. From my fishing experience on Sammamish, Kokanee are not threatened and there could be a season opened for them. Appeared that there are more kokanee in the lake than cutthroat.
LUTZ, DAVID   January 29, 2013
I am opposed to requiring barbless hooks on Lake Sammamish during the winter. Fishing pressure is quite low already, and since most people are using small hooks, I would expect bycatch mortality would be quite low. This regulation would also reduce the fishing effort on trout that are predators of the young salmon and trout in the lake, impacting the effectiveness of supplimentation as well as native runs.
BRACKMANN, KARL H  January 29, 2013
Support use of barbless hooks for all species in Lake Sammamish.

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