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2013 Recreational Fishing Rules Concise Explanatory Statement
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Meeting Feb. 8-9, 2013

2013 – 2014 Sportfishing Rule Proposals – Briefing and Public Hearing. Audio available.

Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2013-2014

Sportfishing Rule Proposals & Comments

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Recommended for Public Comment

# 1. Remove internal combustion motors prohibition on small streams   
Remove internal combustion motor prohibition rule from small streams in Regions 3 and 6.
# 2. Washington Administrative Code (WAC) language, maintenance, and technical changes   
Corrects Washington Administrative Code language to reflect rule adoptions made by the Commission (technical changes). Formats the language in a clear structure and corrects mistakes in spelling etc......
# 3. Resident trout streams open on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend   
Open all resident trout streams on Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend where anadromous fish are not present.
# 4. Statewide fishing closure for sixgill, sevengill and thresher sharks   
Close angling statewide for sixgill, sevengill and thresher sharks.
# 5. Evaluate two pole fishing opportunity on "quality water" lakes statewide   Updated 11/09/2012
Allow the use of two poles on "quality waters" statewide.
# 6. Statewide white sturgeon rules   
This proposal modifies rules for white sturgeon that will be developed through a series of public meetings and Commission guidance for the purpose of managing harvest and fisheries. Possible options i.....
Not Recommended for further consideration

Licensed guides that fish for hire cannot angle while having paid customers onboard.
Illegal to run internal combustion engines.
Catch and release Coastal Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden/Bull Trout in all waters (fresh and marine) in Washington State.
purchase lisence for a second pole to be used while salmon fishing.
WILD STEELHEAD MANAGEMENT ZONES RECOMMENDATIONS Establish regional wild steelhead management zones (i.e. zones managed exclusively for wild steelhead without any hatchery in-puts). TCA recommends im...
fishisg season for fresh water starts on the 2nd Saturday in April.
Upon the Columbia River and within Puget Sound, allow one extra rod per watercraft regardless of the number of anglers. IE: Two anglers could fish with three rods or five anglers could fish with six ...
Trout daily limit 2 fish, minimum size 12 inches.
Stream fishing regulations for trout in the remainder of the State need to be converted to the proper format.
Mandatory Retention of all hatchery steelhead - Statewide
TCA asks the Commission to simplify and harmonize angling regulations rules as follows: • Wild Steelhead, searun cutthroat and bull trout catch and release only state-wide, year round; no exceptions....
No wild steelhead may be retained at any time. No exceptions. Catch and Release fishing only for wild steelhead statewide.(Change the present rule(s) that allow wild steelhead retention February 16 ...
It is unlawful to possess a fish taken from freshwater that was not hooked inside the mouth or on the head, unless otherwise specified. The head is defined as any portion forward of the rear margin of...
Maximum leader length beyond a weight of four feet (to reduce snagging of salmon.)
On the list of food fish species the scientific names are incorrect for spiny dogfish and longfish smelt. North Pacific spiny dogfish should be listed as Squalus suckleyi and longfin smelt should be ...
Repeal this eondorsement
must do more regulation on comercial and tribal netting.
Mandatory Retention of all hatchery steelhead - Statewide
We , from Oregon are trying to get the gilnets out of the Columbia because of the damage they do to steelhead, sturgeon and wild salmon . The problem is harvest of the finclipped salmon suppose...
Suggestion for next years fishing regulations......... Therein lies the question. It says may assist the person's whose name is on the pot while he or she is pulling the pot. However it doe...
All nets are to be out of Washington state waters. So the we can effectively manage our recourses. The curren practices & law are failing
Statewide Freshwater Rules > Tackle > “Hook and line angling only. Only barbless hooks may be used, and a hook may be single-point or double point but not more than one line with up to two hooks per a...
Let the two-pole endorsement apply to all fisheries state-wide.
2-pole endorsement should also apply to rivers, including salmon and steelhead. If there is a two salmon catch limit, once you have caught one, you can only fish with one pole. The catch rate is so ...
change the steelhead catch to only 10 per year. Period no additional catch card either.
Reduce daily limit to 2 or 3.
All statewide "Public Access" ramps should be constructed with a gradual shallow angle access with hand holds where applicable, in addition to the current general use ramps. This would place &...
Selective Gear Rules ONLY: Westside Rivers - Trout and Steelhead - February 1 to April 30. Eastside Rivers - Trout and Steelhead – Year Round
Increase recreational fishing opportunity and reduce recreational angling impact to wild winter steelhead through these changes: 1.Reopen Puget Sound Streams to catch & release angling for winter s...
The current print outs are ridiculous and bulky. You can't write on the them without smearing ink. Make licenses in a booklet similar to a passport. Easier to maintain for the sportsman.
An angler must stop fishing for the year when they have reached their limit of one wild steelhead harvested or for the day when they have caught and released two wild steelhead. Anglers will immediat...
No cost to people 60 years and older. Also no cost to handicap people. Limit this to people fishing from boat (only two people in the boat). Also fishing from dock or shore, or drop the price of the e...
No min. size. Daily limet 5. First 5 fish caught, reguardless of size or weight.
Statewide Freshwater Rules > Tackle > “Hook and line angling only. Only barbless hooks may be used, and a hook may be single-point or double point but not more than one line with up to two hooks per a...
Selective Gear Rules Westside Rivers - Trout and Steelhead - February 1 to April 30. Eastside Rivers - Trout and Steelhead – Year Round
I would like WDFW to get rid of the rule.