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2013 Recreational Fishing Rules Concise Explanatory Statement
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Sportfishing Rule Changes for 2013-2014

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We need to limit the amount of netting that is allowed during the peak of the runs. It should be set up with a schedule similiar to Chambers Creek.
Bottomfish Closure Areas: (TDB based on bottomfish habitat and/or census data, and enforceability) *Salmon fishing still allowed in these areas.
We want multiple smaller openings so that NW families can enjoy the resource during vacation months and that more closely approximate tides favorable to shrimp fishing.
LINGCOD May 1-July 30
Move the closure line of West Point to Alki Point eastward to the Pier 91 to Duwamish Head line.
I propose letting anglers use 2 rods for extra fee. I know this exists in limited freshwater areas now. Extend to marine areas in Puget Sound like it was years ago.
A two fish limit for non-target (ie Closed) species caught as bycatch during the course of legal fishing, with exception of sixgill shark, yellow eye and canary rockfish.
Open rockfish to with a daily limit of 2 during lingcod season.
Rockfish EXCEPT YellowEye and Canary, 1 Fish per day possession limit only during Ling cod season (May 1st to June 15th)
This request is for the WDFW to create and present a comprehensive report on the Puget Sound Spot Shrimp fishery to the Commission and public.
Open rockfish in the sound with a limit of 2. May 1-Nov 30th, or even year-round.
You May Not; Use a downrigger.
Open Marine areas 4, 5, 6, 8-1, 8-2, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 the 1st of June for persons with disabilities via the method of wading.
every other year let the sport season open before the indian long-line season. If people could catch a halibut once in a while a lot more would fish for them . After the indians get done raping the ...
Fishing for bottomfish prohibited in waters deeper than 60'.
Bottomfish: East of Bonilla-Tatoosh Line Daily limit is a total of 10 BOTTOMFISH (see definition page 10), regardless of species, subject to individual limits and seasons shown below. The first six ...
I would like to propose that recreational geoduck diggers be allowed to harvest Geoduck on state tidelands or on private tidelands using water pumps and nozzles.
Currently anglers may catch and retain certain species of salmon dependant on wild or hatchery (adipose removed). It is my contention that anglers should keep the first two legal fish. Many times whi...
allow clam digging on mcneal island beach while restricting access beyond the beach.
Anchoring for the purpose of fishing to be limited to 50' depth
Move the closure line further east to allow for a greater harvest of surplus Issaquah hatchery Chinook.
Would love to have a two fish lingcod limit plus some rockfish to boot also change in area 11 / 13. Also change area 13 crab rules back or give us a better limit seeing out so much was taken away!
2. This request is a rule change to allow retention of (2) Quilback rockfish in Puget Sound and San Juan Islands Marine Areas. Fish can only be retained if caught within a maximum depth of 120 ft. Al...
Memorial day holiday through Labor Day 3 rockfish, excluding Canary and Yellow Eye, per day, to be reported on a catch record card, to help monitor the catch.
Separate Marine Area 12 into two subareas (like Marine Areas 8-1 and 8-2) and allow fishing for bottomfish in the northern area (say north of Stavis Bay) that is not affected by oxygen depletion issue...
Fishing Closure Areas: (TDB based on bottomfish habitat and/or census data, and enforceability)
Allow barbs when groundfishing in areas 5-13
Does anyone remember what a searun cutthroat tastes like? I propose designating one day (some Saturday in the fall?) for keeping one searun cutthroat with no size limitations.
Make two fishing rods per person more universal in Puget Sound.
Lingcod limit two. Or, double the lingcod season to 90 days.
Add, open for ring trap only May 24 to July 1
Rockfish, West of Lip Point - No min size. Daily limit is the FIRST Black or Blue rockfish caught. May 1-June 15 spearfishing allowed.