Rule Proposals for Sport Fishing Rule Simplification 2017-2019

State fishery managers are seeking comments on a proposed package of simplified freshwater fishing regulations, which were developed from draft policies the department revealed in September.

The proposed changes are represented in the documents below, where they are sorted into general statewide rules and those specific to waterbodies in specific regions.

State fishery managers have crossed out rules for specific waterbodies in cases where the agency is proposing that regulations for those waters should follow general statewide rules.

Rivers, streams or lakes are subject to statewide rules unless specifically called out in the regional rule section. The regional pages list any exceptions to statewide rules - whether it be exceptions for seasons or catch limits - for all waterbodies.

For questions concerning these proposed rule changes, please contact:

Public comments accepted through November 30, 2017

General Statewide Rules

Regional Waterbody Rules