Recreational Salmon Fishing
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Salmon/Steelhead Species Information

Atlantic Salmon - Immature female
Immature female

Atlantic Salmon - Mature male
Mature male

  • Large black spots on the gill cover (neither Pacific Salmon nor steelhead have these)
  • Large scales, and large spots on back, rarely any spots on tail fin
  • No red stripe along lateral line, lower jaw hooked on mature males
  • 8-11 anal fin rays
  • Dorsal, ventral and tail fins may be eroded or worn from containment in net pens

Atlantic Salmon
Salmo salar

Average size: 28-30 inches and 8-12 lbs after two years at sea.

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) are an exotic species that are occasionally found in Washington waters.

They are commercially grown in sea-water net pens in Puget Sound and in some freshwater hatcheries as well. Occasionally some of these fish will escape from their holding pens and may be caught by anglers in fresh or saltwater.

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