Coastal Chum Salmon
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Chum salmon

Status of Coastal Chum Salmon Stocks

Salmon and Steelhead Stock Inventory (SASSI)

In 1993, the State and western Washington Treaty Tribes published the first state-wide comprehensive inventory of salmon and steelhead stocks. In total, SASSI identified 435 different stocks of salmon and steelhead, and the current status of each stock was reported. For chum salmon, 72 stocks were described, 14 of which were located in the Coastal region.

A total of 14 separate stocks of chum salmon were identified in the Coastal region (see table below). The general status of these stocks is one of robust health, with a majority of the stocks (9 total) in the "healthy" category. Six stocks were of "unknown" status because of the lack of abundance data. These stocks are small populations located in the streams north of Gray's Harbor, and represent a small fraction of the region's chum salmon.

For additional information on Washington State chum salmon stocks and status and on newly instituted protective measures see:

Coastal Chum Salmon SASSI Current Status and Stock Totals

Current Status of Stocks
Region Healthy Depressed Critical Extinct Unknown Total
North Coast 1 0 0 0 5 6
Grays Harbor 2 0 0 0 0 2
Willapa Bay 6 0 0 0 0 6
Totals 9 0 0 0 5 14


In December of 1997, the National Marine Fisheries Service published a coast-wide chum salmon status review. This was the first step in determining if any chum salmon population groups were candidates for listing as "threatened" or "endangered" under the Endangered Species Act. All chum salmon populations in the coastal streams of Oregon and Washington were designated as a single Evolutionarily Significant Unit (ESU); the Pacific Coast ESU. NMFS concluded that this ESU (including Coastal Washington chum populations) was not presently at risk of extinction.

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