Chum Salmon Life History
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Juvenile Stages During the First Year in Salt Water
(From Phillips 19771)

Drawings are not to exact scale.

Chum fry (30-35 mm total length). At this stage, fry emigrate from freshwater to estuaries.
Chum fingerling (~65 mm total length). After approximately 30-40 days feeding in nearshore areas, the chum fingerling begin to move into deeper, offshore waters.
Chum fingerling (~95 mm total length). At this size, most juvenile chum will have migrated to the open ocean.
Chum juvenile (100-300 mm total length). From 3 months to the end of the first year in salt water, juvenile chum are silvery and have lost their parr marks. This color pattern will remain until the development of spawning colors as a mature adult.
1 Phillips, A. C. 1977. Key field characters of use in identifying young marine Pacific salmon. Fish. Mar. Serv. Tech. Rep. 746: 13 p.