Chris Gih of West Seattle, Washington
Asian Way Chum Salmon or Halibut

Fish should be cooked with the slightest dash of seasoning as possible so as not to overwhelm the taste of freshness: 6 minutes prep time.

1 chum salmon fillet
Fresh ginger, sliced
Salt and pepper
Genuine sesame oil

Preparation: Place a salmon fillet on aluminum foil. Slit the meat (not deep) and insert slices of ginger. Salt and pepper to taste. Coat with genuine sesame oil.

Cooking: Oven bake it, and I like to brown the top in the broiler.

For Halibut: I add Japanese/Chinese cooking wine with green onion, a dash of salt/pepper and sesame oil. Not too much, however, because you don't want to kill the taste of the fish. Oven Bake enclosed in aluminum foil.