Rick Johnson of Tacoma, Washington
Salmon Pepper-steak

This cooking method sears the fish and seals in the juices. Given the low fat content of chum, this is my favorite way of preparing it. The recipe earned third place in the News Tribune (Tacoma) contest a couple years ago.

2 servings of salmon fillet
2 tbs. olive oil
plenty of freshly ground black pepper
lemon pepper (optional)
dried dill weed (optional)


1. Season the flesh side of the fillets generously with black pepper.
2. Dust with lemon pepper and/or dill weed, if desired.
3. Heat the oil to near smoking temp.
4. Place salmon in pan, flesh side down. Cover.
5. Depending on thickness, turn in 3 to 5 minutes
6. Cover & cook skin side down for the same length of time.
7. Test for doneness (finished as soon as it loses it's translucency).


1.Cook it hot (setting 8.5 out of 10 on my stove) but never overcook the fish.

2. This dish is going to smoke up the kitchen, so fix your spouse a drink on the patio and turn the range hood fan on high.