Dick Regan of Hoquiam, Washington
Fried Chum Steak Fillets

white flour,
Kellogg's corn flake crumbs

Preparation: One chum salmon, fileted and skinned. This is very
important to remove the skin completely. Cut rib bones away from the flesh. Cut into two or three inch wide steaks.

Mix Kellog's corn flake crumbs and white flour with equal parts. 50%
crumbs and 50% flour. Put into a large plastic bag. Depending on the amount of fish to be cooked I usually start with one cup of each. Additional season can be added if desired but certainly not needed.

Prepare a pan on medium heat with plenty of margarine (not butter). Rinse salmon steaks under cold water and shake off excess. Put three or four pieces of fish into bag and shake to coat the fish completely.

Place fish into hot margarine and cook until the meat turns color halfway up the fish and then turn, cooking until done. Usually 4-5 minutes each side, depending on heat. Continue to add margarine as the fish soaks it up. The outside should be brown and crisp. Truly a mild flavor.

One note: I once cooked up a silver, a chinook and a chum prepared exactly the same way and most people preferred the chum.