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Public Clam and Oyster Beaches

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Check Dept. of Health (DOH) for health restrictions on this beach


San Juan County | Region 4 Information

Marine Area 7 (San Juan Islands)



Clams open all year
Oysters open all year


Not much is known about clam resources on this beach.

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Beach information last updated: April 15, 2010 @ 1:46pm

San Juan Islands

For individual beach information, including harvesting seasons, click on the yellow squiggles below.

San Juan Islands DNR-364 Sandy Point DNR-363 DNR-362 DNR-361 DNR-361A DNR-359 Stuart Island Reid Harbor State Park South beach Reid Harbor State Park North Beach DNR-358 (Satellite Island) DNR-356A DNR-356B DNR-356 (Johns Island) DNR-353B (Cactus Island) DNR-353A (Big Cactus Island) DNR-353 DNR-352A DNR-352 DNR-340 (McCracken Point) Posy Island State Park (DNR-339B) DNR-341 (Henry Island) GARRISON BAY/BRITISH CAMP DNR-336 DNR-334 Jones Island State Park (DNR-240C) DNR-245A (Coon Island) DNR-245 (McConnell Island) DNR-250A (Crane Island) DNR-250B DNR-259A (Neck Point) DNR-240A DNR-240 DNR-239 San Juan (Smallpox Bay)County Park Eagle Cove County Park DNR-326A Northwest Cattle Point DNR-326A DNR-326 Cattle Point Picnic Area DNR-332 DNR-330 Turn Island State Park DNR-258 Shaw Island County Park (DNR-296) DNR-296A (Canoe Island) DNR-264 DNR-259 Broken Point (DNR-260A) DNR-260 DNR-260C DNR-264 (Blind Island) DNR-262 DNR-265 DNR-266 DNR 266A (Twin Rocks) DNR-266B DNR-267 DNR-270 DNR-270A Indian Island DNR-272 DNR-274 DNR-275 DNR-276 DNR-277 DNR-279 Doe Island State Park DNR-281A (Doe Bay) DNR-282 DNR-231 Moran State Park Lawrence Point DNR-233 DNR-234 DNR-229 (Barnes Island) Clark Island State Park (DNR-230) DNR-238A (Freeman Island State Park) DNR-238 Matia Island State Park Sucia Island (DNR-367) DNR-308 Aleck Bay DNR-309 DNR-311 Cape Saint Mary Mud Bay (Lopez Island) P1 DNR-312A Mud Bay State Park DNR-313 DNR-314 DNR-315 DNR-317 DNR Beach north of Spencer Spit Spencer Spit State Park DNR-318 (Frost Island) DNR-294 Odlin County Park DNR-295 DNR-298 DNR-303 DNR-304 DNR-305 DNR-306 Mackaye Harbor DNR-307 Agate Beach County Park DNR-307C Iceberg Island DNR-324A (Center Island) DNR-319A DNR-322 DNR-324 DNR-325 DNR-323 James Island State Park DNR-290A Armitage Island DNR-291 DNR-29 DNR-292A DNR-290 (West Blakely Island)

Yellow map areas (links) identify approximate public property boundaries and should not be considered legal property boundaries.
Many of these public beaches have no upland entrance and must be accessed by boat. Please respect adjacent private property.

This map is provided for informational purposes only. The accuracy of this map is not guaranteed.