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Public Clam and Oyster Beaches

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Dept. of Health Information

Boat Access Only  

Jefferson County | Region 6 Information

Marine Area 9 (Admiralty Inlet)

Aerial Beach Photo (Dept. of Ecology)



Clams open all year
Oysters open all year


Not much is known about clam populations on this beach but resource surveys conducted in the early 1990s found small populations of native littleneck clams and cockles. There is also evidence of butter clams, Manila clams, and horse clams on this beach.

There are oysters present at Point Hannon, but they are not abundant.


Point Hannon is boat access only. There is no upland access. This beach is close to a mile long from boundary to boundary and encompases most of the north part of Hood Head and about half of the eastern shore of Hood Head. The tip of Point Hannon is close to the midpoint of this beach. The south boundary is a little more than half way from the tip of Point Hannon to the south end of Hood Head. A good landmark for the south boundary is an area of high, exposed clay bluff above the beach. The northwest boundary of this beach is about where Hood Head ends and the sandspit separating Bywater Bay from Admiralty Inlet begins.

Nearest boat ramps: Salsbury County Park ramp (located one mile west of Port Gamble on Wheeler Street) is approximately 1.8 miles from the tip of Point Hannon by boat.

Map to this point  

None. There are restrooms at Salsbury County Park. There are facilities for boaters at Port Ludlow Marina.

Beach information last updated: March 29, 2010 @ 4:04pm