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Penrose Point State Park recreational shellfish harvesting seasons may be subject to seasonal closures for the entire park due to resource conservation concerns. In addition, DOH has enacted a permanent closure for recreational shellfish harvesting in the vicinity of the State Park boat dock in Mayo Cove ( D.O.H. map of closure area). Harvesting within a Marina Closure Area may be hazardous to your health (see beach map).

Check Dept. of Health (DOH) for health restrictions on this beach


Pierce County | Region 6 Information

Marine Area 13 (South Puget Sound)

Penrose Point State Park

Aerial Beach Photo (Dept. of Ecology)



Clams open March 1st through May 15
Oysters open March 1st through May 15


This beach has been planted with clams and oysters.

The best area for clam and oyster harvest on this beach is in the bay between Penrose Point and the small spit to the northwest of Penrose Point. This area (map of enhanced areas) has been enhanced with Manila clams and oysters. Native littleneck clams, butter clams, horse clams, cockles and eastern shoftshell clams are also found on this beach.

Harvest Area Map
Map of PENROSE POINT STATE PARK harvest area

Oyster information


From the south (Tacoma and SR 16), take the Purdy/SR 302 exit. Follow SR 302 south from Purdy for about 5 miles. Look for the turn onto Key Peninsula Highway. Turn left and follow Key Peninsula Highway through the town of Key Center (about 13 miles from Purdy). Continue about another three miles to Home. Turn left at Cornwall Road KPS (second road after crossing the Home Bridge). Continue about one and a quarter miles, and turn left onto 158th Avenue KPS. Follow this street into the park.

From the north (Bremerton, Silverdale), travel south on SR 3 to Gorst, where SR 3 merges with SR 16, and continue south on SR 3 for about 8 miles to Belfair. Travel through Belfair and look for the SR 302 exit just southeast of Belfair. Continue on SR 302 for about 10 miles to the intersection of SR 302 and Wright-Bliss Road. Turn right onto Wright-Bliss Road and travel south until Wright-Bliss Road becomes Vaughn Road at the town of Vaughn. Just after you pass through Vaughn, turn left on Lackey Road and proceed another 6 miles to the intersection of Lackey Road and Key Peninsula Highway. Take a left and follow Key Peninsula Highway for about two miles to Home. Turn left at Cornwall Road KPS (second road after crossing the Home Bridge). Continue about one and a quarter miles, and turn left onto 158th Avenue KPS. Follow this street into the park.

Map to this point  

Penrose Point State Park offers camping, picnic areas, kitchen shelters, a boat dock, moorage floats, hiking and bike trails, horseshoe pits, and fire rings.

Beach information last updated: August 31, 2015 @ 11:40am


For individual beach information, including harvesting seasons, click on the yellow squiggles below.

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Yellow map areas (links) identify approximate public property boundaries and should not be considered legal property boundaries.
Many of these public beaches have no upland entrance and must be accessed by boat. Please respect adjacent private property.

This map is provided for informational purposes only. The accuracy of this map is not guaranteed.