Voluntary Trip Report (VTR) Program in Willapa Bay
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Voluntary Salmon Angler
Trip Report Forms

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Diagram on how to measure fish from tip to tail.
How to measure fish from tip to tail
Photo of the VTR South Bend box location
South Bend Collection Box
Photo of the VTR Tokeland box location
Tokeland Collection Box
Each location includes a box with new forms to pick up and a box to deposit completed forms.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as extended the Voluntary Trip Report (VTR) program to Marine Area 2.1 - Willapa Bay. VTR's are an important tool use in assessing mark selective fisheries by providing critical information used by WDFW to evaluate salmon fishing.

Angler participation in this program is essential for it to be successful. Your cooperation is very much appreciated and will help provide the sport angler information needed for recreational salmon fisheries management in Willapa Bay.

How you can help!

  1. Please use one VTR Form per day to record fishing information
  2. Use Directions and map provided to fill out form properly
  3. Optional: Measure the fish from tip of nose to the tip of the tail.
  4. If interested in donating the fish head so we can check if a coded wire tag is present, see diagram for directions on how to cut the head and fill out the information on the head tag. (head tags can be found at the Tokeland Boat Launch)
  5. Place head in freezer at the Tokeland Boat Launch

Do not sacrifice the health or survival of a fish to collect data.
Pencil works best on data forms

In Tokeland, VTR forms and heads can be collected. Box Location

In South Bend, only VTR forms can be collected. No heads will be taken at this location at this time, however heads can be left in the freezer at Tokeland or dropped off with hatchery staff at Forks Creek Hatchery during normal hours of operation. Box Location

What to do with the completed form:

Anglers are asked to return their VTR forms to WDFW as soon as possible upon completing their fishing trip. Anglers can return the completed VTR form by two convenient methods;

  1. Insert the form into a VTR collection box located at the boat ramp in Tokeland or South Bend
  2. Return completed form and/or heads to our public locations at Tokeland, our Region 6 Montesano office or Forks Creek Hatchery. Only completed forms can be returned at the South Bend boat launch.

For more information, please contact Barbara McClellan at (360) 249-1213 or Rick Ereth at (360) 249-1299.