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Fish Washington offers information to all  levels of anglers.  This website contains the when’s, where’s and how -to’s of fishing in Washington.

Photo of a WA State lowland lake

If you are just beginning the helpful how-to's and species information are great places to jump start your fishing knowledge.

Advanced anglers will also find many tools to help with their search for the perfect waters, trophy fish and an enjoyable experience.

Young or old,  novice or advanced you will find Fish Washington a great resource to enhance your angling experience.

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Washington state is blessed with diverse landscapes, great camping, and excellent fishing opportunities. Whether you're planning a trip in 2014 or beyond, the trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, walleye and tuna will be waiting for you, along with many other attractions and accommodations that make for unforgettable vacations.

Fishing 101
The when's, where's and how-to's
Fish Washington High Lakes
Pull on your hiking boots, grab your fishing rod and hit the trail! Your next fishing adventure awaits at one of Washington's high lakes. Here are some features you will find:
Getting Started Lakes
A selection of high lakes with reasonable access that will allow you to dip your toes into high lakes adventure.
Overabundant Fish Lakes
Lakes with an overpopulation of fish. Anglers are highly encouraged to fish these lakes.
Fish Stocking
Stocking information from 2000 to current year.

Target your search

Helpful mapping tools and information.  

Fish Washington Lowland Lakes
Grab your fishing rod, sharpen your hooks! Thousands of lowland lakes in Washington await anglers new and old with exciting family friendly fishing opportunities.

Fish Washington Marine Areas
More Marine Area information! Last year the Marine Area information offered species calendars, boat launches and fishing piers. Here are some additional features you will find for this year:
  • Major Fishing Areas & Opportunities - Access and species information along with fishing tips.
  • Helpful Mapping tools and information
  • Public Clam & Oyster Beaches

Mapping information iconMapping Tools & Information

Here are the different mapping features included in Fish Washington.

  • Lakes have a state overview and are also shown on County and individual lake information pages.
  • There are 15+ species that have mapping included for lowland lakes.
  • High Lakes mapping includes a state overview of all high lakes, Getting Started Lakes, Overabundant Fish Lakes and Fish Stocking.
  • Marine Areas include: Major Fishing Areas & Opportunities, WDFW Water Access Sites, Public Fishing Piers, Boat and/or Shoreline Access, Marine Protected Areas, Washington State Parks and Marine Area Boundary Markers.