Bennington Lake

Located about two miles east of Walla Walla, and formerly known as Mill Creek Reservoir, this 50+ acre body of water has a year-round open fishing season. Bennington Lake offers good bank access and a boat launch, however, internal combustion engines are prohibited. This popular impoundment receives multiple plants that total over 15,000 catchable-size (10-12 inch) rainbow trout , 625 jumbo size (14 inch or larger) rainbow trout, plus an additional 500 larger triploid rainbow trout weighing between 1 ½ to 2 pounds. Only two trout over 13 inches may be retained as part of the five trout daily limit here. Some warmwater species are also present. 

This lake is filled each spring by diverting flows from Mill Creek.  However, this diversion only occurs after the flood threat from snow melt and heavy rains has declined.  Thus, the lake level is often not raised and stocking with trout often does not occur until mid or late March. The bottom of the lake loses water after water withdrawals from Mill Creek cease in early summer (to maintain Mill Creek flows and protect stream fish species such as steelhead and bull trout are both listed under the Endangered Species Act, and Chinook are reintroduced).  Therefore, the lake level declines through the summer and by fall it appears that it was drawn down as flood water storage during the winter and spring (the primary purpose of this lake is flood control).  Fishing is very limited after mid summer because of the recession of the lake level and access can be difficult to the low water levels by fall.

Fishing Prospects Calendar

Rainbow troutPoor fishing - All monthPoor fishing - All monthExcellent fishing - 2nd half of monthExcellent fishing - All monthExcellent fishing - All monthGood fishing - All monthFair fishing - 1st half of monthPoor fishing - All monthFair fishing - 2nd half of monthFair fishing - All monthPoor fishing - All monthPoor fishing - All month
Fishing Expectation


Excellent Good Good Fair Fair Poor Poor
Type of Opportunity Full Month Full month 1st half of month only 1st half only 2nd half of month only 2nd half only No opportunity No opportunity

Species you might catch

Largemouth bass
White crappie
Yellow perch

Lake Information

Walla Walla County
Lake Acreage: 39.4
Elevation: 1,199 feet
Eastside Washington

Lake Management Type
Mixed species - Trout emphasis

Sport Fishing Regulations & Seasons

Emergency Rule Updates
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