I-82 Pond 7

One of seven gravel pit ponds that stretch from Union Gap to Zillah along Highway I-82. The ponds are open to fishing year-round, but parking and access is subject to seasonal closure. Internal combustion motors prohibited by county ordinance.

Ponds 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 are stocked with catchable sized rainbow trout (10--13 inches) beginning in early March.  These ponds were also stocked with fingerling channel catfish in 2011 (Ponds 5 & 7 were not stocked).  Anglers can now expect good fishing for channel cats by bottom fishing with bait in spring \ summer months.  Other species present in the ponds include sunfish, black crappie, yellow perch and largemouth bass.  Largmouth bass up to eight pounds have been caught in the I-82 Ponds.  

Ponds 1 and 2, located between Mellis Road and Donald Road, also support largemouth bass, yellow perch and pumpkinseed sunfish. Expect fair fishing for small pan-sized perch and sunfish with some bass up to 3+ pounds.  Fishing for stocked rainbow trout should be excellent in early spring (March, April)! 

Pond 3 which is east of Donald Road, provides fair fishing for channel catfish, sunfish and yellow perch.  Fishing for stocked rainbow trout should be excellent in the early spring (March, April)! 

Moving further east, Ponds 4 and 5 (accessed from Flint Lane) has fair fishing for sunfish, bass, black crappie and channel catfish. Fishing for stocked rainbow trout  should be excellent in Pond 4 in the early spring (March, April, May)! 

Buena or Pond 6 is located off Buena Loop Road, has fair fishing for sunfish, bass, black crappie and channel catfish [Note:  state record channel cat, 36.2 pounds came from Pond 6 in 1999].  Fishing for stocked rainbow trout should be excellent in the early spring (March, April, May)! 

Pond 7 is east of Buena, has a fair population of largemouth bass & black crappie.  This pond was not stocked with rainbow trout or channel catfish.

Access to all ponds except Ponds 4 and 6 is by walk-in. However, there is a new access road that borders Highway I-82 that allows much closer access to Ponds 1 and 2.

Species you might catch

Black crappie
Brown bullhead
Largemouth bass
Sucker, General
Yellow perch

Lake Information

Yakima County
Lake Acreage: 7.3
Elevation: 760 feet
Eastside Washington

Lake Management Type
Warmwater emphasis

Sport Fishing Regulations & Seasons

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