Knuppenburg Lake
Lewis County
4,105 feet
2.3 acres

Lat: 46.628678
Long: -121.417980
TRS: T13R11E SEC10

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

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Knuppenburg Lake - a High Lake of Washington state

Don't drive by this attractive little lake right on Hwy 12, turn into the convenient parking area instead. This makes a great angler's rest stop, as fishing for the stocked brown trout can be rewarding if you have a little extra time.

Getting here
Approx 1.4 miles west of White Pass on Hwy 12.

Fish Stocking Information

Brown trout
Aug 16, 2011810
May 5, 2010667
Jul 22, 2008506
Jul 12, 2006500
Jun 21, 2004540
Jul 15, 2003506
Jul 11, 2001504
Jun 28, 2000507