Fish Stocking

High lakes fish plantsThis stocking information is intended to give the user ideas where different species and quantities of fish have been stocked by WDFW and volunteers into high lakes across Washington. This fish stocking information is from the year 2000 to present. If there is no stocking data represented for a specific lake that is because it has not been stocked since 2000.  All fish stocking is done in a manner that is conducive to protecting native aquatic fauna.

Users of the data should be aware that it takes a minimum of 2 years for fish to grow to harvestable size post stocking.  Armed with this advice choose wisely which waters you intend to fish. Good luck on your high lakes fishing adventure.

Chambers Lake

Fish Stocking Information

Brown trout
Aug 9, 2011945
Jul 6, 2010665
Jul 28, 2008506
Jul 18, 2006500
Jun 23, 2004504
Jul 28, 2003506
Jul 25, 2001384
Jul 11, 2000506
Lewis County
4,442 feet
10.8 acres

Lat: 46.466595
Long: -121.534791

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

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