Current slate of MGL projects for 2007 & 2008

Lake Sammamish kokanee (msats and sequencing) Colville redband O.mykiss
Yakima Bain steelhead assignment Test of assignment bias (Cle Elum known families)
Yakima steelhead assignment from Prosser Dam Hatchery rainbow and Lahontan cutthroat collections (standard microsats)
Nooksack spring Chinook broodstock/captive brood Kalama steelhead Reproductive success
2007 SWG Lower Col Steelhead SNPs Chinook bycatch Area 7/7A Pink Fishery/Recreational
Puget Sound Steelhead/resident parr Tucannon River Spring Chinook 2007 & 2008
Lyon's Ferry Hatchery in-season Chinook broodstock screening Development of new O. clarki microsat panel
Tucannon River Spring Chinook (re-run of 1997 - 2002 samples) Douglas Co M&E Methow steelhead
Nearshore SJF juvenile Chinook ID Whidby Island chum juvenile ID
Methow spring/summer determination of Chinook juveniles Strait of Juan de Fuca MSA Chinook fishery
Chelan Co M&E Wenatchee sockeye Cowlitz Chinook spring/fall ID
Cedar River Trout species ID YKFP 06-07 Steelhead (Naches, Roza)
Snake River Reproductive Success (wild juveniles) Methow spring/summer determination of Chinook juveniles
Asotin Steelhead Steelhead SNP ascertainment and discovery
clarki/mykiss hybrid ID Extraction of fishery samples for comparison of CWT and GSI within WA
Chelan Co M&E Wenatchee steelhead YKFP 06-07 Roza Dam Chinook Gender ID
Colville redband hatchery brood screening YKFP 06-07 Chandler (smolts)

Western Gray Squirrel - blood samples Fisher project (depends on reintroduction plan)
Mt Goat microsat population work Sage Grouse feather and baseline
Project Cat Cougar familial relationships Sharptailed Grouse, microsats + contol region sequencing
Pygmy rabbit captive breeding genotyping Deer nuclear sequencing - development
Elk project Deer nuclear sequencing - data collection
Deer Baseline: regions 1 - 4