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Partnerships For Pheasants
A Voluntary Habitat Enhancement and Public Access Program

Annual cash rental payments to landowners who plant and maintain high quality habitat for pheasants and allow public hunting

Participation Pre-requisites

  1. Property must be within the Pheasant Management Focus Area in southeast Washington (portions of Whitman, Walla Walla, Columbia, and Garfield counties) unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  2. Minimum agreement length is 5 years. (Agreements for 10+ years are preferred.)
  3. May extend CREP or riparian forest buffer planting widths and provide habitat incentive payments for lands enrolled in U.S. Department of Agriculture conservation programs.
  4. Must allow public hunting access. Incentive payments are available for "Feel Free to Hunt" and "Register to Hunt" access..
  5. General property location will be displayed on WDFW’s GoHunt map with state, federal, and other WDFW access program lands.
  6. Projects must be able to support desired habitat without irrigation.

Payments to Landowners

  One-time Signing
Incentive Payment
(max $150/ac)
Installation Cost Share Annual Rental Weed Control
Within 100'* $10/ac/ Contract Yr 100% cost share by completion of installation 160% of weighted average Soil Rental Rate Cost Reimbursement
Outside 100'
(up to 150 ac)
$10/ac/ Contract Yr 100% cost share by completion of installation 100% of weighted average Soil Rental Rate Cost Reimbursement
Access Payment $1/ac/yr paid as part of the annual Parternships for Pheasants payment
* For new habitat developed within 100 feet of the high water mark in a riparian zone or within 100 feet of conservation land that already extends from that mark (e.g., CREP)

Administering Agency

  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

WDFW Grant Contact Information

  • Whitman County - Kurt Merg 509-648-3680
  • Walla Walla & Columbia Counties - Scott Rasley 509-527-4147 or 509-520-8084
  • Asotin & Garfield Counties - Jason Earl 509-758-5314