Puget Sound Marine and Nearshore Grant Program
Funding actions that advance Puget Sound recovery by protecting and restoring marine and nearshore habitats and ecosystem functions

Thank you for your interest in Puget Sound!

The Puget Sound Marine and Nearshore Grant Program functions as the Marine and Nearshore Lead Organization (LO). We are a partnership program, staffed by both the Washington Departments of Fish and Wildlife and Natural Resources. We administer funds awarded to us by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to implement priorities of the Action Agenda for Puget Sound to protect and restore habitat and ecosystem functions. By protecting and enhancing nearshore habitat, our investments also promote Puget Sound salmon recovery.

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Our approach to this work is oriented around addressing the greatest threats to Puget Sound marine and nearshore habitats.  Our investment categories are:

  • Shoreline Armoring
  • Effective Shoreline Policy and Regulation
  • Puget Sound Marine Issues
  • Adaptive Management
  • Oil Spill Preparedness and Response
  • Invasive Species Detection and Prevention
  • Eelgrass Restoration
  • Shoreline and Estuary Restoration and Acquisition

To find out more about things citizens can do,  please visit the Shore Friendly website!