Puget Sound Marine and Nearshore Grant Program

Resources for Landowners

Check back here often for the latest results and products for Puget Sound waterfront landowners!

Latest Updates

Shore Friendly Website
The Shore Friendly website is up! This site contains essential information for the waterfront homeowner on how to protect against erosion while also protecting Puget Sound. Be sure to check out “Your Marine Waterfront,” a handy guide to soft shore design techniques.

Your Marine Waterfront
This booklet provides waterfront property owners tools for understanding causes of shoreline erosion and options for addressing erosion. Providing options allows property owners to be an active part in keeping Puget Sound healthy and enjoyable for generations to come. This easy-to-follow illustrated booklet serves as a foundation for conversations with design and permitting professionals, and even with neighbors, as you learn about options and how your choices influence the shoreline’s ability to support a variety of wildlife and fish species. 

Videos and Media

A Place at the Table: Benefits of Beach Restoration