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Grant & Contract Opportunities

Whenever practical, we fund projects through open competitive processes. This is often the most transparent and effective way to identify projects that will meet our intended goals. Occasionally, the Grant Program makes direct awards when it is the most efficient and effective way to achieve our desired results. This is done after much consideration, consultation with EPA, and research, so that the best candidate is chosen.

Because of the nature of our work, our program does not offer funding opportunities on a regular cycle. We Issue RFPs or direct awards as soon as our program is ready to release them. You will find them listed here.

Current Grant & Contract Opportunities

Currently, we have a grant opportunity available through the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office. The goal of this grant is to protect high-priority Puget Sound marine shoreline habitat – especially feeder bluffs and other areas within drift cells – from the impacts of development. This grant opportunity will secure protection in perpetuity of feeder bluffs or other high-quality habitat through fee title acquisition or conservation easements.

Upcoming Grant & Contract Opportunities

  • Protect & Restore Through Incentives: Programs to Motivate a Reduction in Shoreline Armoring
    In approximately May 2014, we will provide tools and funding to local governments and other capable entities who want to start or enhance a program to provide incentives to shoreline property owners to forgo or remove armoring. The entities will be able to use information from the social marketing strategy to identify the type of incentives that will work given their local demographics and goals for shoreline restoration.

  • Long-Term Protection of Bluff-Backed Beaches or Other Priority Habitat
    Our strategy for this project is to develop an agreement with one or more established land conservation entities to carry out the protections on our behalf. The properties we invest in must be identified through an established process such as PSNERP or another credible process to ensure limited funds go to priorities: protecting feeder bluffs or other high-value habitat.

Stay tuned for more information, as these investments develop!

Please see our 2013 Work Plan for more information about our upcoming granting opportunities.

Past Grant & Contract Opportunities

Effective Regulation and Stewardship (RFP Results)
An independent review panel ranked a range of projects to promote effective regulation and stewardship in Puget Sound. Nine projects were selected through this competitive RFP. Projects are underway with local governments, state agencies and non-profit organizations. Projects address issues such as compliance and enforcement of existing regulations, technical assistance to shoreline landowners, and permitting effectiveness.

Biofouling Assessment RFP
The Aquatic Bioinvasion Research & Policy Institute was selected through a competitive process, to assess the threat of aquatic invasive species transported into Puget Sound on vessels. This project will provide management recommendations on how to decrease the risk from invasive species introduced through this pathway.

Community Oil Spill Preparedness and Response (RFP Results)
The Grant Program funded four projects, selected through a competitive process, to support community involvement in regional oil spill preparedness and response. These projects will foster better coordination between federal, state, and local response personnel, volunteers, and others, as well as provide volunteer opportunities.

Beach Restoration (RFP Results)
We provided funding for eight bulkhead removal projects were selected through the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program’s competitive RFP. When completed, these projects will provide opportunities for the public to view compelling alternatives to traditional shoreline protection.

Social Marketing Strategy to Reduce Puget Sound Shoreline Armoring RFP
Colehour + Cohen  will lead a multidisciplinary team to provide clear, innovative, and realistic approaches for entities in the Puget Sound region to implement social marketing and behavior change campaigns. In the future, the Grant Program will provide this social marketing and behavior change strategy, as well as information about incentive options, to local governments and other entities interested in implementing armoring reduction programs.

For more information on specific projects the Puget Sound Marine and Nearshore Grant Program has funded, please visit our Funded Projects page