Grant & Contract Opportunities

Whenever practical, we fund projects through open competitive processes. This is often the most transparent and effective way to identify projects that will meet our intended goals. Occasionally, the Grant Program makes direct awards when it is the most efficient and effective way to achieve our desired results. This is done after much consideration, consultation with EPA, and research, so that the best candidate is chosen.

Because of the nature of our work, our program does not offer funding opportunities on a regular cycle. We Issue RFPs or direct awards as soon as our program is ready to release them. You will find them listed here.

Current Grant & Contract Opportunities

NEW: Pilot Projects on Effective Compliance and Enforcement Strategies
The goal of this grant opportunity is to demonstrate effective strategies for improving compliance with shoreline regulations. This project is informed by the recommendations of a study of compliance with shoreline regulations in the region. Applications are due by 12pm (noon) on Friday, October 31st, 2014. Individual grants for successful proposals may be up to $160,000, depending on the scope of the proposal. It is anticipated that $800,000 will be available for multiple awards.  

Upcoming Grant & Contract Opportunities

  • Public Engagement and Education on Beach Restoration
    This project will leverage past investments in beach restoration, and will engage the public by offering opportunities to view and learn about the importance of beach restoration.  The goal is to increase awareness and support for restoring natural beach processes. Anticipated Summer – Fall 2014

Stay tuned for more information, as these investments develop!

Past Grant & Contract Opportunities

For more information on specific projects please visit our Funded Projects page