Non-Traditional "Section 6" Grant Program

Non-Traditional "Section 6" Conservation Grant Program

What's Going On Now?

January 2017


Fiscal Year 2017 Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund (CESCF) Grants Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

The US Fish and Wildlife Service  is pleased to announce the 2017 Request for Proposals for the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund (S6).  The Service is seeking proposals in three categories: 

  • Recovery Land Acquisition Grants, which provide funds for the acquisition of habitat in support of approved and draft federal species recovery plans; 
  • Habitat Conservation Planning Assistance Grants, which provide funds to support the development of Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs); and
  • HCP Land Acquisition Grants, which provide funds to acquire habitat for species covered by approved HCPs. 

In Washington State, the Washington Department of Natural Resources and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have cooperative agreements with the Secretary of the Interior, allowing for submission of grant proposals through those agencies to the USFWS.  Proposals must be submitted by March 17, 2017. 

Due to the limited funding available through the CESCF this year and existing priorities, we are not seeking statements of intent this year, however, project proponents may contact DFW, DNR, or FWS to discuss and propose acquisitions or contact FWS to discuss HCP planning grants. 

If you are interested in applying for funding through these grant programs for projects in Washington State, please contact:

Section 6 Conservation Grants provide the opportunity for cooperative approaches to conservation among local, state, and Federal parties.  For the FY2017 grant cycle, approximately $53.495 million will support these cooperative endeavors nationwide.  Washington State has a strong record of submitting successful grants.

Learn more about the grants, including details of grants awarded in FY 2016, at