Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration
(Dingle-Johnson and the Wallop-Breaux Amendment)

The Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act, commonly referred to as the Dingle-Johnson Act, adopted by Congress on August 9, 1950, was modeled after the Pittman-Robertson Act, aimed at creating a similar program for the management, conservation, and restoration of fishery resources.

Funds to support the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration programs are received from excise taxes on fishing equipment, fish finders, motorboat fuels, small engine fuels, and import duties. State agencies that sell fishing licenses are the only entities eligible to receive grant funds. Each state’s share is based 60 percent on the number of it’s licensed anglers (fishermen) and 40 percent on the size of it’s land and water area.

Program funds are used by state fish and wildlife agencies for sport fish management, boating access, and aquatic education projects.

Administering Agency
US Fish and Wildlife Service http://federalaid.fws.gov/sfr/fasfr.html

WDFW Grant Contact Information
Sports Fish Management: Bob Leland, (360) 902-2817, lelanrfl@dfw.wa.gov
Boating Access: Steve Sherlock, (360) 902-2375, sherles@dfw.wa.gov

Funded Projects and Applications
Reports detailing the Sport Fish Restoration grants received in Washington state are available at: