Grants to Wildlife Rehabilitators Project

Wildlife Rehabilitation Grants Application DEADLINE
is February 1, 2015
for the 2015-2017 Biennium.

The 2015-2017 Grant
is open for application now.

FY2015-2017 Application Guidelines

Wildlife Rehabilitator Grant Application
Adobe PDF / MS Word

The Grants to Wildlife Rehabilitators Project helps support licensed wildlife rehabilitators by compensating them for care of sick and injured wildlife. Expenditures permitted under this program must relate specifically to wildlife rehabilitation and may include reimbursement for diagnostic and lab support services, purchase and maintenance of proper restraints and equipment used in the capture, transportation, temporary housing, and release of wildlife, reimbursement of contracted veterinary services,  reimbursement of the cost of food, medication, and other consumables, construction costs, and continuing education. Funds may not be used to rehabilitate either non-native species or nuisance animals and may not be used for salaries and wages.

Funds that support the Grants to Wildlife Rehabilitators Project come from a portion of the revenue from personalized license plate sales.

RFP’s will be announced on this web page. Funding is granted on a fiscal biennium basis and the contracts are for a term of two years. There is no matching funds requirement. Applicants may submit only one request every two years and must reside in the WDFW administrative region for which they have applied.

Eligible grant recipients include Washington residents properly licensed in wildlife rehabilitation under Washington state and federal law. A 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit status is not a requirement. Grants to Wildlife Rehabilitators is a Direct Application therefore no Letter of Inquiry is required for initial contact.

Administering Agency
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

WDFW Grant Contact Information
Patricia Thompson -

For More Information
See WDFW ALEA grants for additional grant opportunities.

Funded Projects and Applications

2015-2017 Wildlife Rehabilitation Grants Funding Summary

Blue Mountain Wildlife
Purchase raptor food
Benton City


Center Valley
Purchase food and supplies


Discovery Bay
Build new aquatic seabird pools and aviary
Port Townsend


Build new songbird flight pens and aviaries, purchase food and equipment, travel to meetings


For Heaven's Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
Purchase deer food, fund raptor transport and daily operational costs


Northeast Washington Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
Purchase food and veterinary services, cover animal transport, travel and attendance at NWRA conference
Kettle Falls


Okanogan Wildlife League (OWL)
Build new deer enclosure


Build new raptor flight enclosures; purchase food


Install medical grade flooring in main clinic area


Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Services
Build swan pools and enclosures, build pelagic bird pools and aviary


Wolf Hollow
Purchase supplies, update and improve raptor flight pen, fund operational costs, and travel to NWRA meeting
Friday Harbor




2013-2015 Wildlife Rehabilitation Grants Funding Summary

Blue Mountain Wildlife
Purchase raptor food
Benton City
Discovery Bay
Build new raptor flight enclosures
Port Townsend
For Heaven’s Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation
Build new treatment building, purchase padding for transport trailer;
fund operational costs
Many Gates to the Heart
Build new deer enclosures and install fencing
Northwest Spirit
Purchase brooder and fund operating costs
Okanogan Wildlife League (OWL)
Update facilities; build new enclosures; fund operating costs
Progressive Animal Welfare Society Wildlife Center (PAWS)
Fund operating and medical treatment costs; staff training and conferences
Build new raptor flight enclosures; staff training and education
Improve, expand, and contruct new deer enclosures
South Sound
Construct diving bird pools
Wolf Hollow
Update and repair facilities and enclosures
Friday Harbor
TOTAL $107,138

2011-2013 Wildlife Rehabilitation Grants Funding Summary:

Short Grants
Many Gates to the Heart Rescue & Rehabilitation
Purchase food and supplies
Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Purchase food
Large Grants
For Heaven’s Sake Animal Rescue Center
Construct deer enclosure; purchase food
Kiwani Wambli
Repair and reconstruct treatment and housing structures
Northeast Washington Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
Symposium attendance; operational and contract services
Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Renovate and improve black bear enclosures
Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
Fence swan/waterfowl pond enclosure; add protected area for waterfowl
South Sound Critter Care
Replace flooring in rehabilitation room
West Sound Wildlife Shelter
Electric furnace and heat pump purchase and installation
Bainbridge Island
TOTAL $102,303.00