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  1. Am I required to wear my lifejacket when boating?
    Yes, under the following conditions: On a personal watercraft; While being towed in a skiing-type activity behind a vessel; or Twelve years of age or younger on a vessel under 19 feet long.
  2. What is the age requirement for kids to wear lifejackets when boating?
    Twelve years of age or younger on a vessel under 19 feet long.
  3. Where can I find rules and regulations for boating?
    See Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission’s Boating Safety Program website See Washington Online Boating Safety Course and Exam Program activities are guided by a citizen advisory committee, and where possible, all boating safety activities occur at the county and city levels.
  4. What boats are required to be registered?
    Vessel registration applies to all vessels except vessels under 16 feet that have no propulsion machinery of any type or vessels that are used on non-federal waters and are 10 hp or less. Vessels properly registered in another state or country or that have a valid number under federal law and u ...
  5. Can my child operate a personal watercraft or motorboat?
    State regulations require that the operator of a personal watercraft be 14 years of age or older and have a Boating Safety Education Card. There is no other age requirement in state law, BUT several counties do have age restrictions for motorized vessels. Beginning January 1, 2008, boat operato ...
  6. Can I shoot a wounded or injured duck/goose from my boat while it is under power from a motor?
    No. It is not legal to hunt waterfowl from a boat while it is still under the power of a motor or still moving as a result of motorized power.
  7. Is it legal to possess and control a loaded rifle or shotgun in a boat whether motorized or not?
    Yes. A boat is considered a vessel not a vehicle. However, it is extremely dangerous to have a loaded shotgun or rifle in a boat while under power, and is a discouraged practice.
  8. Can I have alcohol on my boat?
    Yes. But it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  9. When is it legal to operate a personal watercraft?
    Published sunrise to sunset tables for the local area.
  10. Who do I contact if I have specific questions about boating rules and regulations?
    Contact your local police department or sheriff’s office, or a Fish and Wildlife Officer.