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  1. Who needs a hunting license in Washington?
    Anyone hunting wildlife in Washington needs a hunting license. For complete hunting rules and requirements, please read the appropriate Hunting Regulation Pamphlet. For questions on child-support payment related issues, contact DSHS toll-free at 1-800-457-6202 or visit the Division of Child Su ...
  2. Where can I hunt in Washington?
    Start your search with one or all of these three sources: 1. Contact a WDFW Regional Office for tips. 2. Send an email to the Wildlife Program or call them at (360) 902-2515. 3. Check out one of our Hunting Pamphlets.
  3. Is it OK to spotlight big game if no hunting equipment is in my vehicle?
    Yes, but if you have any firearms, archery equipment, or crossbows in your vehicle, whether or not they meet legal hunting requirements, you are considered to be hunting. It is illegal to hunt big game with the aid of an artificial light or spotlight. It is illegal to use any vehicle to pursue, ...
  4. Can I remove a dead deer from my property and keep the antlers?
    You cannot keep the antlers or horns attached to dead wildlife. This includes dead wildlife found on your property. However, you can keep naturally shed antlers that you find. You can remove and dispose of wildlife found dead on your property. You must first notify a WDFW Regional Office before ...
  5. Can I legally tag a deer or elk found dead along a roadway during open season?
    You cannot possess wildlife that you did not legally harvest. In most cases, road-killed animals are extremely bruised due to the trauma of impact, and/or they have spoiled and have little edible meat anyway.
  6. Who needs to take Hunter Education?
    All hunters born after January 1, 1972, need to complete Hunter Education. If you completed Hunter Education in another state, you can use that here in Washington. You must provide that proof at the time of license purchase. See WDFW's Hunter Education website for more details.
  7. What is the definition of "wastage," and when does it apply?
    You may not allow game animals or game birds you have taken to recklessly be wasted. You must make a reasonable attempt to remove and use all edible meat from the carcass of harvested game fish, game birds, and game animals.
  8. How old do I have to be to hunt alone?
    WDFW recommends older, more experienced hunters go with youth hunters. If born after January 1, 1972, you must complete Hunter Education or obtain a one-year, once-in-a-lifetime Hunter Education Deferral to hunt in Washington State. Hunter Education can be taken at any age. If hunting under the ...
  9. Can I apply deer/elk urine, beaver musk, skunk urine, fish oil, or any other type of wildlife/fish scent on my clothing while bear hunting?
    All such attractants are considered baiting and can’t be used while bear hunting. “Bait” means a substance placed, exposed, deposited, distributed, scattered, or otherwise used for the purpose of attracting black bears to an area where one or more persons hunt or intend to hun ...
  10. Where can I find rules on Hunter Orange?
    See WDFW's Hunter Orange Requirements.
  11. Can I use fluorescent hunter-orange camouflage clothing measuring at least 400 square inches to meet hunter-orange requirements?
    Yes, but the amount of camouflage clothing that is actually fluorescent hunter-orange in color must still total 400 square inches or more on the exterior, and be worn above the waist and visible from all sides. This means the total size of the garment(s) being worn will be considerably larger th ...
  12. When and how can I train my upland bird hunting dogs?
    Bird dog training season runs from August 1-March 31, but year round training exists on some WDFW Wildlife Areas. Refer to the bird dog training season section of the Migratory Waterfowl & Upland Game pamphlet for full details. You need a small game license for training dogs on all wild bir ...
  13. What are the rules about shooting from a road?
    A person is guilty of unlawful use of a loaded firearm if the person negligently shoots a firearm from, across, or along the maintained portion of a public highway (RCW 77.15.460). It is unlawful to shoot a bow and arrow from a vehicle or from, across, or along the maintained portion of a publi ...
  14. If I remove the head from my legal bull elk or buck deer, but I leave the antlers attached, does this meet "evidence of sex" requirements in Washington?
    No. It is illegal to possess or transport big game animals unless evidence of the animal’s gender is left naturally attached to the carcass until the carcass is processed or stored for consumption. For a bull elk and buck deer, evidence of gender includes EITHER: the head with antlers int ...
  15. If I want to submit a bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or moose Special Permit, do I need to buy a hunting license and tag first?
    No. You can wait to purchase a bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or moose license and tag until you find out if you drew a Special Permit. You can submit a Special Permit application for any of these three species without purchasing a general season license and tag. If drawn for one of these Specia ...
  16. If someone gives me a legally harvested grouse, pheasant, or duck they harvested does it count towards my daily bag limit and possession limit or theirs?
    It counts towards the daily bag and possession limit of the person who harvested the game. You should get a written statement from the person who harvested the game that includes name, address, license, permit or tag number, the number and kind of animal provided to you, the date killed, county ...
  17. Do I need a hunting license if I'm just helping my child or others to hunt?
    If you are only watching or guiding, you do not need a hunting license. However, if you are directly assisting and participating (such as driving game or packing hunting weapons), you will need the appropriate hunting license.
  18. Can I tag a deer or an elk I find dead in the woods during open season if I didn't shoot it?
    You cannot possess wildlife or parts thereof that you did not legally harvest, unless the person who legally harvested the animal provides you with a written statement showing their name, address, license, permit, or tag number, the number and kind of animal provided, the date killed, county an ...
  19. How can I get hunting tips online from someone who works out in the field?
    Hunting Prospects provide hunting forecasts from district biologists based on their field work and surveys. These offer helpful advice to scout your next hunting trip.
  20. Where can I see harvest data?
    Visit our Game Harvest Reports. These reports provide hunter numbers, hunter success, harvest totals, and more for several game species.
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