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  1. How can I register for a hunter-education training class, and what is involved?
    WDFW offers a broad range of hunter-education training classes to meet the needs of the public. They include: Traditional hunter-education courses taught by certified hunter education instructors. Such classes are a minimum of 10 hours in length, but they can be up to 20 hours. All registrati ...
  2. How does the hunter education deferral program work?
    The one-year, once-in-a-lifetime, hunter-education deferral program allows the individual to hunt one year before having to successfully pass a formal hunter-education course. An application can be found online and must be submitted to the Hunter Education Division in Olympia for approval. See ...
  3. How can I obtain proof that I completed hunter education training 30 years ago in Washington so that I can legally hunt out of state?
    You can call the Hunter Education Division at 360-902-8111 and ask them to search the archives to see if your hunter education course records still exist. If they do, you can purchase a duplicate hunter education card from the WDFW Hunter Education Division. You can register for and complete ...
  4. What are the hunter education requirements for current U.S. military personnel stationed or living in Washington?
    Effective July 26, 2009, active members of the U.S. military in good standing, who have a valid military identification card are exempt from the skills components of the online hunter education class. The law does not exempt active U.S. military personnel from hunter education training; it ON ...
  5. Who needs to take Hunter Education?
    All hunters born after January 1, 1972, need to complete Hunter Education. If you completed Hunter Education in another state, you can use that here in Washington. You must provide that proof at the time of license purchase. See WDFW's Hunter Education website for more details.
  6. How do I obtain a duplicate hunter education card?
    Duplicate hunter education cards may be purchased for a fee. To obtain a duplicate card, you must complete and return by mail a special application form—available from WDFW Regional Offices or from the Olympia Hunter Education Division Office. See WDFW's "How to Obtain a Duplicate Certifi ...
  7. How old do I have to be to hunt alone?
    WDFW recommends older, more experienced hunters go with youth hunters. If born after January 1, 1972, you must complete Hunter Education or obtain a one-year, once-in-a-lifetime Hunter Education Deferral to hunt in Washington State. Hunter Education can be taken at any age. If hunting under the ...
  8. I took hunter education in another state. Does that count if I want to purchase a hunting license in Washington?
    Yes. All hunter education training certificates issued by any of the other 49 state fish and wildlife agencies are accepted here in Washington State. The certificate must be presented at time of license purchase.
  9. Can I apply for a Special Permit in the same license year I get hunter education deferral?
    It depends. You cannot apply for most Special Permits in the same license year. You can apply for mountain goat, bighorn sheep, or moose Special Permits. However, you can only apply for these if submitting Points Option and before you get hunter education deferral. You can also apply for a Mult ...