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  1. How can I find accurate maps to help locate game management unit (GMU) boundaries on the ground?
    For mapping help, try out one or all of these three sources: Check the GoHunt map tool. Check the WDFW Game Management Unit website. Check the Big Game Hunting Pamphlet section titled “Where to Get Maps.”
  2. Where can I hunt in Washington?
    Start your search with one or all of these three sources: 1. Contact a WDFW Regional Office for tips. 2. Send an email to the Wildlife Program or call them at (360) 902-2515. 3. Check out one of our Hunting Pamphlets.
  3. How can I get hunting tips online from someone who works out in the field?
    Hunting Prospects provide hunting forecasts from district biologists based on their field work and surveys. These offer helpful advice to scout your next hunting trip.
  4. Where can I see harvest data?
    Visit our Game Harvest Reports. These reports provide hunter numbers, hunter success, harvest totals, and more for several game species.
  5. Where can I view and print a map with public and private land info? What else does it provide?
    Check out the GoHunt mapping tool. GoHunt also shows roads, game management unit (GMU) boundaries and more. If you need help using GoHunt, check out the GoHunt YouTube tutorial. If you need more help using GoHunt, contact the Wildlife Program in one of two ways: 1. Online at wildthing@dfw ...
  6. I heard access to the area I hunt is closed, what can I do?
    To find out other access options, contact a WDFW Regional Office.