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  1. Can I use electronic decoys or electronic calls to hunt game species during open seasons?
    You cannot hunt waterfowl, wild turkeys, or deer with the use or aid of battery-powered or other electronic devices as decoys. You cannot hunt waterfowl, wild turkeys, or deer with the use or aid of electronic calls. You can use electronic decoys or electronic calls to hunt other game species.
  2. What are the legal specifications for archery, crossbow, muzzleloading firearm, handgun, rifle, and shotgun hunting for big game?
    See the “Equipment and Hunting Methods” section of the Big Game Hunting Regulations Pamphlet.
  3. Can I carry a modern handgun while archery or muzzleloader hunting?
    A modern handgun can be carried while archery or muzzleloader hunting, but only for personal protection. Modern handguns cannot be used to hunt big game or to dispatch wounded big game during the big game hunting season for archery or muzzleloaders.
  4. Can I hunt bobcat, raccoon or coyote at night with a spotlight?
    You can hunt bobcat, raccoon, or coyote at night with a spotlight during their open seasons. However, you cannot hunt them with a spotlight during September, October, or November in any area open to a modern firearm deer or elk season.
  5. Can a felon possess or use a muzzleloader, rifle, handgun, or shotgun for hunting?
    No, unless the felon has had his/her right-to-bear-arms restored through a state superior court. If the felon’s rights have been restored, he/she can use muzzleloaders, rifles, handguns, and shotguns to hunt. But if the felon has not had his/her firearm rights restored, then he/she cannot ...
  6. Where can I find rules and regulations about firearms (especially handguns and carrying concealed weapons)?
    Refer to chapter 9.41 RCW, “Firearms and Dangerous Weapons.” The Hunter Education Division within WDFW’s Wildlife Program has a brochure titled “Firearms Safety, The Law and You. Basic Safety, General Laws and Regulations.” The brochure contains information about m ...
  7. Is it OK to spotlight big game if no hunting equipment is in my vehicle?
    Yes, but if you have any firearms, archery equipment, or crossbows in your vehicle, whether or not they meet legal hunting requirements, you are considered to be hunting. It is illegal to hunt big game with the aid of an artificial light or spotlight. It is illegal to use any vehicle to pursue, ...
  8. What is the definition of a loaded rifle or shotgun?
    A shotgun or rifle is considered loaded if it contains shells or cartridges in the chamber or magazine. In addition, any firearm that has a detachable clip or magazine is considered unloaded if the detachable clip or magazine is not inserted in or attached to the firearm. A muzzleloader is cons ...
  9. Can I have a loaded rifle or shotgun while riding a quad or motor bike while hunting?
    Both a quad and motor bike are motor vehicles, so any rifle or shotgun being transported on them must be unloaded.
  10. What are the firearms possession rules for non-U.S. citizens?
    It is a class C felony for any person who is not a citizen of the United States to carry or possess any firearm, unless the person: 1) Is a lawful permanent resident; 2) has obtained a valid alien firearm license pursuant to RCW 9.41.173; or 3) meets the requirements of RCW 9.41.175. A citizen ...
  11. Is it OK to have a loaded shotgun or rifle while riding on a mountain bike or horse while hunting?
    Yes, because neither is a motor vehicle. However, it is extremely dangerous to do this in certain situations, so it is discouraged.
  12. During modern firearm seasons, can a muzzleloading firearm be used that has telescopic sights, uses 209 primers, and has a closed ignition system?
    Yes. Muzzleloading firearms used during a modern firearm season are not required to meet ignition, primer, or sight restrictions. Muzzleloading firearms used during a modern firearm season are also not required to meet double-barrel restrictions. A muzzleloading firearm can have both barrels fu ...
  13. What is the magazine-capacity restriction on firearms used for big game hunting?
    There is no magazine capacity restriction on firearms used for big game hunting.
  14. Are mechanical broadheads legal to hunt big game in Washington?
    New in 2015, mechanical broadheads are legal to use for all archery hunting.
  15. If I'm under age 18, can I possess and use a rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader?
    Yes, but only under the following circumstances (RCW 9.41.042): You are attending a certified hunter education course or a firearms safety course; You are shooting or target practicing at an established range where shooting is allowed, or in other areas where it is legal to shoot firearms; You ...
  16. Can I have both barrels of my double-barreled muzzleloader loaded during a legal season for muzzleloading firearms?
    Yes. A hunter lawfully hunting small game with a double-barreled muzzleloading shotgun may keep both barrels loaded. A hunter lawfully hunting big game with a double-barreled muzzleloading firearm during a muzzleloader season may load both barrels with powder charges and projectiles, BUT may ha ...
  17. Is it legal to use mechanical broadheads during wild turkey seasons?
    Yes. Turkeys are classified as game birds, and mechanical broadheads are allowed for game birds in Washington.
  18. What are the rules for firearm restriction areas, and can crossbows now be used?
    In firearm restriction areas, hunters may hunt only during the season allowed by their deer and/or elk tag. Modern firearm tag holders may hunt firearm restriction areas during modern firearm deer and/or elk seasons with bows and arrows, crossbows, muzzleloading firearms, revolver-type handguns ...
  19. Can I use laser sights or night vision devices to hunt?
    It is illegal to hunt deer and elk with the aid of infrared night vision equipment or with laser sights (not to include range finders) capable of projecting a beam onto the target, while in possession or control of a firearm, bow and arrow, muzzleloading firearm or crossbow. This rule does not c ...
  20. Am I restricted to the use of solid lead projectiles in Washington while hunting with a muzzleloading firearm?
    No; you may use any type of projectile. Sabots are also allowed.
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