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  1. How does the special permit drawing work? I heard you square points. Does that improve my drawing odds?
    Each special permit category has a separate random drawing. Building special permit points gives applicants a better chance in these drawings. The special permit drawing system is similar to pulling tickets out of a barrel. Building points gives an applicant more tickets. The system also square ...
  2. I drew a special permit, but I misplaced or never received the special permit card. Do I need to get a replacement card?
    You can get a replacement special permit card from any license vendor. You can find a list of license vendors on the WDFW website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/licensing/vendors/. You need to have your special permit card with you during your special permit hunt. If you need additional assistance, you ...
  3. I bought a special permit application. Do I need to wait until I receive something in the mail before I can submit my hunt choices?
    You do not have to wait. You will not receive any mail for buying an application. You can submit your application right after you buy it. You can submit special permit applications online at https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/wdfw/special_permits.html or by phone at 1-877-945-3492.
  4. Why does WDFW award special permits?
    Two of the main reasons WDFW awards special permits are to control species population sizes and to provide special recreational opportunities for hunters.
  5. Can I transfer special permit points to a different category?
    Special permit points cannot be transferred to different categories, even if it is the same species.
  6. If my group draws a special permit, which group members lose their points?
    All group members would lose their points in that special permit category, including the group leader.
  7. Can I apply for both a group and individual special permit in the same license year? Can I do that on the same application?
    You can apply with a group and on your own in the same license year, but not on the same application. For example, you can apply for Quality Deer with a group and apply for Buck Deer on your own in the same year. Keep in mind that you can only apply for each special permit category once per lic ...
  8. I drew more than one special permit and decided not to use one of them. Can I return it and have my points restored?
    You cannot receive point restoration if you simply decide not to use a special permit you drew. Point restoration is only available under certain circumstances, such as a medical issue. To learn more about point restoration, you can contact the Wildlife Program online at wildthing@dfw.wa.gov or ...
  9. How can I benefit from a Multiple Season tag?
    With a Multiple Season tag, you benefit from more chances to hunt with a wider variety of legal weapons. You can hunt any open unit during all three general seasons. For elk hunters, this includes both western and eastern Washington general seasons. Without a Multiple Season tag, elk hunters wo ...
  10. Why would I apply with a group if it makes it tougher to draw a special permit?
    You can benefit from applying for a group special permit in several ways. If you have people you hunt with every year, you can apply as a group and draw the permit together. If you have points built up in a specific special permit category, but your hunting partners only have a few points or ...
  11. When I check my drawing results online, why do I see "Points Used" even though I did not draw a special permit?
    The term "Points Used" describes how many points your application entered with for that special permit drawing. Points do not go away or go back to zero unless you draw a permit. If you do not draw a permit, your points carry over for future drawings.
  12. How will WDFW spend the new revenue from special permits?
    WDFW will use the new revenue to expand hunter access on private lands. The increase in access will lead to more hunting opportunities.
  13. Can I hunt big game or turkey if I do not draw a special permit?
    You can hunt deer, elk, bear, cougar, or turkey without drawing a special permit. You can hunt the general season for any of these species by buying a general season license. Information on general seasons can be found in Washington's Big Game Hunting Seasons & Regulations pamphlet at http: ...
  14. How do I apply as the group leader for a special permit group application? How do I apply as a group member?
    To apply as the group leader, you need to apply before any of your group members. Enter your hunt choices and then submit your application. You can also create an optional pass code to help make sure the right people join your group. You need to provide your WILD ID number to all your group mem ...
  15. Can I transfer my deer special permit points to elk?
    You cannot transfer points from one species to another. You also cannot transfer points from one category to another, even for the same species. For example, you cannot transfer Antlerless Elk points to Quality Elk.
  16. If drawn for a Second Deer special permit, do I need to harvest my first deer before my second deer season begins?
    You do not need to harvest a deer in the general season or during another deer special permit hunt before your Second Deer special permit season begins. If you harvest your first deer of the season during the Second Deer special permit hunt, you can still hunt an available general season or you ...
  17. Can I donate my special permit points to another hunter?
    You cannot donate your points.
  18. Do I need to buy a hunting license to apply for a special permit?
    You must buy the appropriate hunting license to apply for deer, elk, bear or turkey Special Permits. For example, to apply for a deer Special Permit, you must buy a license package that includes deer. To apply for a turkey Special Permit, you must buy a small game license. You do not need to bu ...
  19. Do I need to buy a hunting license if I am submitting Points Option as my special permit hunt choice?
    You must buy the appropriate hunting license to apply for deer, elk, bear, or turkey special permits. This includes submitting the Points Option hunt choice. You do not need to buy a hunting license to apply for mountain goat, moose, bighorn sheep, Multi-Season deer, or Multi-Season elk special ...
  20. What happens if I draw more than one special permit for the same species in the same license year?
    Your points in each special permit category you drew will go to zero. You can hunt each special permit, as well as the available general season, but you must stop hunting once you reach your bag limit. Drawing more than one special permit for the same species does not increase your bag limit (e ...
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