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  1. How do I report a poacher?
    If your report deals with poaching in progress, dial 911 and ask to be put in contact with the nearest on-duty Fish and Wildlife Officer. DO NOT confront the poacher or disturb the crime scene. Time is of the essence so use your cell phone if you have coverage. If your report deals with poachi ...
  2. What is the definition of "conviction"?
    The definition of “conviction” includes the following: A final conviction (guilty finding) in a state or municipal court; A failure to appear at a hearing to contest an infraction or criminal citation; or An un-vacated forfeiture of bail paid as a final disposition for an offense. ...
  3. Are there rewards for reporting a poacher?
    Information that contributes substantially to an arrest of another person for violation of Title 77.15 RCW, WAC 220, or WAC 232, including the loss of fish, wildlife, or damage to WDFW property, could be eligible for a cash reward. Hunting bonus points (up to 10) may be awarded for violation in ...
  4. Will the poacher learn my identity if I report the crime to WDFW?
    You always have the choice of remaining anonymous when reporting. However, if citations are issued as a result of your information and if the case proceeds through the court system, the prosecutor may be required to disclose the reporter’s identity.