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  1. What should I do with an abandoned baby bird or other animal?
    It is illegal to possess or transport wildlife without a permit from WDFW. Do not take wildlife into your own care. In almost all cases, young wild animals found alone are not abandoned and do not need your help. More often than not, leaving a young animal alone affords it the best chance for ...
  2. What do I do if I find injured wildlife?
    Injured wildlife can be reported to a local wildlife rehabilitator. For a list of active wildlife rehabilitators by county, see WDFW's Living with Wildlife webpages at http://wdfw.wa.gov/conservation/health/rehabilitation/. All native wild birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are protected ...
  3. How do I become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator?
    Anyone wishing to possess injured native wildlife and/or practice wildlife rehabilitation must obtain a permit from WDFW. A wildlife rehabilitator permit authorizes a person to temporarily possess injured, diseased, oiled, or abandoned wildlife for the purpose of wild release. Individuals must m ...