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What should I do with an abandoned baby bird or other animal?

  • It is illegal to possess or transport wildlife without a permit from WDFW to do so. Do not take wildlife into your own care.
  • In almost all cases, young wild animals found alone are not abandoned and do not need your help. More often than not, just leaving a young animal alone affords it the best chance for survival, because parent animals are nearby. Usually the best thing you can do is to keep the young animal from being harassed by children and pets, giving it plenty of space so that parent animals can tend to it, or it can move out of harm’s way on its own.
  • If you know the parent animal is dead, or the young animal is obviously injured, you can contact a local licensed wildlife rehabilitator about the possibilities of care. See WDFW's Wildlife Rehabilitation website for more information.

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24th of May, 2011

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