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Can I sell the non-edible parts of wildlife legally harvested or obtained in Washington?

  • No, a person may not legally offer for sale, sell, purchase, or barter the non-edible parts of wild animals, game birds or game fish, if:
    • The possession, sale, selling, purchase, or barter is prohibited by federal regulations;
    • The wild animals, game birds, or game fish were taken in violation of any law or regulation in any jurisdiction, and the seller, purchaser, or person bartering knew the animal, bird, or fish was illegally taken; or
    • The non-edible parts are of bighorn sheep or mountain goat; bear gall bladders; claws or teeth of bear that are not permanently attached to the full bear skin or mounted bear; or velvet antlers of deer, elk, or moose; and a permit has not been granted by WDFW allowing for the sale, purchase, or barter of any of the animal parts listed above.
  • Under RCW 77.15.194, it is unlawful to knowingly buy, sell, barter, or otherwise exchange, or to offer to buy, sell, barter, or otherwise exchange, the raw fur or carcass of a wild animal trapped in Washington with a body-gripping trap, whether or not the animal is trapped pursuant to a permit.
  • See WAC 232-12-071(4).


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