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How do I get rid of beaver causing damage to my property?

  • Beaver are classified as furbearers (WAC 232-12-007).  A trapping license and open season are required to trap beaver.
  • However, the owner, owner’s immediate family, owner’s documented employees, or tenants of real property may shoot (if they are in a designated shooting area) or trap a beaver on that property if the beaver poses a threat to property (RCW 77.36.030, WAC 232-36-051).  In such cases, no special trapping permit is necessary for the use of live traps. However, a special trapping permit is required for the use of a Conibear trap in water, a padded leghold trap or a nonstrangling type foot snare trap (RCW 77.15.192, 77.15.194; WAC 232-12-142). There are no exceptions for emergencies and no provisions for verbal approval.
  • It is unlawful to release a beaver anywhere within the state, other than on the property where it was legally trapped, without a WDFW permit to do so (RCW 77.15.250; WAC 232-12-271).
  • See WDFW's "Living with Wildlife: Beavers" fact sheet for more information.

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