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How can I register for a hunter-education training class, and what is involved?

WDFW offers a broad range of hunter-education training classes to meet the needs of the public. They include:

  • Traditional hunter-education courses taught by certified hunter education instructors. Such classes are a minimum of 10 hours in length, but they can be up to 20 hours.  All registration is online. Class schedules may be seen on WDFW's Hunter Education website. For online class registration, click here.
  • Online hunter education course. These courses have two components: online study of the manual and subsequent test; and the follow-up online hunter education evaluation class. Most learning and initial testing takes place online. Four hours of classroom instruction (including a short examination on subjects covered), plus a field course and optional live-fire exercises are provided by certified instructors in an additional online hunter education evaluation class. Registration for the online portion is accomplished totally online. Registration for the required online hunter education evaluation class is also handled online.

For more information, see WDFW's Hunter Education website.


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