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How can I apply to become a master hunter, and what is involved?

  • See the WDFW Master Hunter Permit Program website. This website describes the application process, qualifications, and requirements in great detail.
  • The open registration period normally begins January 1 of each year, but length varies, so submitting your application early is recommended. However, applications will not be accepted before the open registration period.
  • There is a $50 fee required to register. Applicants are provided hard copy and/or electronic study materials to prepare them for taking a comprehensive 100-question examination.
  • Applicants have only nine months to finish all requirements, including but not limited to passing the test (only one retake allowed), and completing 20 hours of approved volunteer time.
  • There are very stringent zero-tolerance standards regarding convictions of fish and game regulations both prior to application and/or following certification.


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