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Do I have to attend applicant orientation meetings?

Master hunter permit applicants do not currently have to attend applicant orientation meetings. There have not been many orientation meetings held in the state during the open enrollment period, so it would be too difficult for all applicants to attend. If and when such meetings are held within reasonable commuting distance from your residence, attendance is recommended.

One of the significant messages always shared at applicant orientation meetings is that people should apply to be master hunters for the right reasons. People shouldn’t apply to be master hunters because they get special opportunities to harvest more than one deer or elk, but instead because they want to display and exemplify a higher level of sportsmanship, ethics, responsibility, and skill as a hunter than usual, in order to help strengthen and protect the heritage of hunting in Washington.

Applicant orientation meetings for master hunter permit applicants were recently discontinued and may or may not be re-instituted in the future.

See WDFW's Master Hunter Permit Program website for more information.


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