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If I harvest game or fish on an Indian reservation what state rules apply when I leave tribal lands?

  • You must obtain from the tribe an official record showing the game or fish harvested, location of harvest, date of harvest, and authority given to you by the tribe to do so.
  • Game (excluding waterfowl) or fish harvested on tribal lands do not count towards your off-reservation bag/catch or possession limit as long as you have obtained the proper documentation from the tribe. Thus, you do not have to punch your Washington catch record card or Washington big game or turkey tag once you leave the Indian reservation.
  • Only one daily bag limit of waterfowl is allowed whether it comes from tribal lands or not. Daily limits of waterfowl are set by the USFWS and not by state or tribal governments. Federal law allows only one daily bag limit of waterfowl.
  • Deeded lands within an Indian Reservation owned by a non-tribal member are considered private property and not under the authority of the tribe, therefore state licenses, seasons and limits generally apply unless some other arrangement has been formally reached with the tribe.

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