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Do I increase my odds if I apply for a Special Permit with a group instead of on my own?

It depends. Special Permit group applications average category points for all group members. Group members with fewer points benefit, increasing their odds from the higher group average.

You typically have better odds applying on your own for several reasons. Permits need to be available for all group members. Some hunts only have a few or even one permit to award. This makes it tougher to draw as a group.

For example, a group application with two members applies for a hunt with five permits available. The system awarded four of those permits when that application comes up. Unfortunately, that application cannot draw that hunt since only one permit is left. However, an individual application would draw the permit in that same example.

Group applications end up with fewer hunt choices. A group of five should not select any hunt choice with less than five permits. That application has no chance at drawing that hunt choice.

However, if you want to hunt with family and friends, then applying as a group is great way to go. If you draw the hunt, you can enjoy it together. If you do not draw, you can still hunt the general season together.

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