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How do special permit hunt choices work?

The system starts with your first hunt choice and works down your list. If the system has no permits available for any of your hunt choices, your application earns a point and the system moves on to the next application.

You get the option to apply for up to four hunt choices. You will have to decide between selecting only one hunt choice or multiple options. Both methods offer advantages and disadvantages.

For those that only want to draw a certain hunt, choosing only one hunt choice would be the best option. This guarantees you use your points for a hunt you really want to draw, but it also makes it tougher to draw a permit.

Selecting more hunt choices gives you more chances to draw a permit. However, you risk losing your points for a hunt you may not want as much. If you draw your fourth choice, your points in that category go to zero. You want to make sure you only submit choices you want to draw.

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