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How do I build up Special Permit points?

You build up Special Permit points by buying applications each year. You earn one point for each Special Permit application you buy. You can buy one application for each category each year. For example, if you buy a Quality Deer, Buck Deer, and Antlerless Deer Special Permit next year, you earn one point in all three categories.

Your Special Permit points return to zero when drawn, but only for that category. Your other points remain and carry over. Points never expire. You do not lose your points for not buying or applying each year.

Keep in mind that you could draw multiple Special Permits in the same year, even for the same species. Your points in each category would go to zero. Using the example above, suppose you apply for those three deer categories and draw all three. You could then hunt each Special Permit along with your eligible general season. However, your bag limit would not increase. If you want to increase your bag limit, check out our Second Deer Special Permits.

You can avoid some of the risk in the example by using the Points Option hunt choice. You cannot draw a permit when you submit Points Option. For example, say you only want to draw a Quality Elk Special Permit this year, but want to improve your chances drawing a Bull Elk Special Permit down the line. In this case, submit your Bull Elk Special Permit with Points Option. For your Quality Elk Special Permit, submit your hunt choices to give yourself a chance in the drawing.

If you have more questions, please contact the Wildlife Program:

      1. Online at wildthing@dfw.wa.gov
      2. Call (360) 902-2515

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