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I drew a bighorn sheep, moose or mountain goat Special Permit in the past. Can I still enter the Raffle Permit Hunt or Big Game Permit Auction for that same species?

Yes. You can still enter the Raffle Permit Hunt or Big Game Permit Auction. You can still enter even if you harvested one of these species during your Special Permit hunt.

The once-in-a-lifetime restriction for these three species applies to certain Special Permits. For more details on this restriction, review our “Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep or Moose Special Permit” Help question.

You could win or draw all three hunt-types in the same season. However, your bag limit would not increase. For example, you draw a Special Permit, win the Big Game Permit Auction, and draw the Raffle Permit Hunt all in the same season and all for bighorn sheep. In this case, you can only harvest one bighorn sheep that season.

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27th of December, 2013

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